Photos of Shiomi’s foldable phone have been leaked, learn how the design looks

Smartphone makers have been showing a lot of interest in foldable phones for the past two years. Many companies, such as Samsung, Motorola and Huawei, have taken the lead in the race. Even the Chinese company Shiomi does not want to stay behind. Shiomi may soon launch a new foldable smartphone. According to a recent report, pictures of the phone have recently leaked online.

What’s in the pictures
The photo is Chinese as the Chinese font on the device is clearly visible. In the photos, the foldable smartphone is found in the hands of users, who are probably working on the MIUI 12 operating system. The device looks like Shiomi’s foldable phone, which was presented some years ago by the company’s voice chairman. However, it does look a bit large in size. There is also a protective case on the device.

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There is a line in the middle of the device’s screen, which clearly shows that the Galaxy Z folds like a smartphone. When you look at the size, you can tell that the device is of decent weight even after folding. There is also no front selfie camera, in which case the phone can use under-display camera technology.

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The company can bring 3 foldable phones
It was previously reported that Shiomi could release three foldable phones by 2021. Shiomi’s foldable smartphones are in-folding, in-folding and clamshell design. According to the report, the company has partnered with Samsung and LG to showcase these smartphones. The company is currently working on these smartphones.