PM Kisan: If you have taken an installment like this, be prepared to go back and know where and how you deposit the amount

PM Kisan Samman Fund 2021 Latest News: The August-November installment of 2000 rupees of PM Kisan Samman Fund has been sent to more than 9.91 crore farmers’ accounts, but according to data provided on the PM Kisan portal, the beneficiaries are from Rs 12.13 crore. This means that the episode has not yet reached the accounts of more than 2 crore beneficiaries. As of November 30, the installment will continue to reach beneficiary accounts. On the other hand, amid reports of the possibility of doubling the amount of PM Kisan, state governments have begun the recovery process from the wrong growers under the scheme.

PM Kisan can double the amount!

As far as fraud is concerned, why do farmers say only farmers are guilty of this? It is the responsibility of the officers and employees to review the documents submitted with the application form. If there is a fraud, they have a partnership. Action must be taken against them first. On condition of anonymity, a farmer said that PM Kisan money comes from the account of 11 people in his home. 11 beneficiaries, including 5 mother-in-law, were the beneficiaries. When applying, he did not know that only a husband or one of his wives could benefit from the PM Kisan, but local employees approved the application of all. So what’s wrong with me?

Where and how you deposit money

According to media reports, in Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri district, the government has issued a notice to 9219 unqualified farmers and ordered PM Kisan to deposit money. Fraud includes cases ranging from husband and wife to deceased farmers, money transfers in wrong accounts, wrong Aadhaar, taxpayers and pensioners. Now the question arises as to how and to whom the farmers who misplaced the installments return the money? Explain that unqualified farmers who take money under the Prime Minister’s Kisan Samman fund scheme must deposit cash in the office of the Deputy Director of Agriculture. Upon depositing the amount, they will be given a receipt. Then, by depositing this amount into a government account, the department deletes the farmer’s data and feeds it on the online portal.

PM Kisan: If you have even taken money in the name of a wife, you have to return it, the government started sending a notice

A large number of people with wrong account or fake Aadhaar

Of this vast number of unqualified beneficiaries, a maximum of 3, 86,000 people have false accounts or fake Aadhaar. In second place are income tax payers. Their number is 2,34,010. 32,300 beneficiaries have already gone to heaven. Despite this, we are increasing three episodes of 2000-2000 each year. At the same time, the number of disqualifications due to other reasons was 57,900.

More than 42 lakh unqualified installments

More than 42 lakh unworthy people in the country have defrauded the government of Rs 2,200 crore under PM Kisan for Rs 2000-2000. This information was answered by Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar in a parliamentary query. Let us say that under this scheme, the central government transfers Rs 6000 per annum directly to farmers’ accounts in three installments of Rs 2000-2000 per year.

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