PM Modi to discuss budget effective implementation today, with more than 200 people joining webinars

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a webinar on Tuesday to discuss the framework for effectively implementing the general budget of 2021-22 in the infrastructure sector. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) released the statement on Monday.

According to the PMO, more than 200 participants will participate in the webinar. They include representatives of large financial institutions and funds, consultants and content experts. The Prime Minister will address the webinar at four o’clock in the afternoon to discuss the framework for effectively implementing the budget. In this webinar, participants will share their views on improving the speed and quality of infrastructure development, emphasizing advanced technology and attracting more investment in this area.

According to the statement, following the Prime Minister’s speech, there will be two sessions, where the officials of the ministries will discuss with experts from various fields and decide on a list of feasible projects, from the implementation to the implementation of the budget.