Pradosh Vrat: Today is Ravi Pradosh fast, definitely know the importance of donating black things

Pradosh Vrat is observed on the Dwadashi of the month of Bhadrapada and with the worship of Shani Dev on this day, some special remedies will free you from the sufferings of getting half-and-half, dhaiyya and Mahadasha of Shani. In the evening of Pradosh Vrat, after the day is over, there is a law of worship of Shani Dev. So come to know what are those remedies which you must do to please Shani Dev on Pradosh.

Do these remedies on Pradosh Vrat, the troubles coming from Saturn will be removed

If you are walking on the half-and-half of Shani or Dhaiya, then you must offer flowers of blue Aparajita to Shani Dev on this day. The miraculous effects of offering blue aparajita to Shani Dev will immediately be visible to you.
If Shani is causing you more trouble with any other planet, then when you offer Pradosh fast, when you offer the Aparajita flower to Shani Dev, then also offer black mole along with it. Also light a lamp of sesame oil. Pray to Shanidev to get rid of your suffering.
If Shani is like a planet, then the native should recite Shani Chalisa and Hanuman Chalisa on this day after offering the Aparajita flower to Shani Dev. After reciting, take the flower of Aparajita offered at the feet of Shani Dev and impress it in a river.
If you are caught in a case or dispute, then on the evening of Pradosha fast, feed black dog or black cow with bread. Feed bread to black cow or black dog. This remedy will reduce the suffering of Shani Dev.
On the evening of Pradosh Vrat, you should burn a lamp of mustard oil in the root of the Peepal tree and offer water while sitting there and chant Shani Dev’s mantra ‘Om Praman Pryon Sas Shani Charai Namah’ or ‘Om Shan Shanashishrai Namah’. By doing this all your troubles will be removed.
On the evening of Pradosh fast, go to Shani Dev or Hanuman temple and after worship, sit there and recite Sundara Kand. After reciting this mantra chant. “Neelanjan Samabhasa Ravi Putra Yamagrajan. Chhaya Martandasambhuntam namami Shanaishcharam. ”
On the night of Pradosh fast, a lamp should be lit near the root of the banyan tree. With this, the half-and-half of Shani and the bed of Dhaiya can be freed.
On the evening of Pradosh fast, donate black things to lepers or needy. Umbrellas, footwear, black urad dal or clothes should be donated.
On the night of Pradosh fast, Shani Dev is pleased with these measures and frees the devotees from their suffering.

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