prakash javadekar on mahadayi: Javadekar’s answer to Mahadi CM to clarify CM: union-minister-prakash-javadekar-refuses-to-answer-questions-on-mahadayi

Panaji: Union Minister of State for Environment Prakash Javadekar on Sunday refused to give a direct answer to the controversy raised over the sanction of four major projects, including the Mahadi River diversion, which has led to the conflict between Karnataka and Goa.

The BJP has decided to send ministers across the country to convince them of the good aspects of the new agricultural act, as part of which Javadekar held a news conference on Sunday in Panaji. At this point, the reporters called on the Minister on important projects related to the environment.

He wondered why the Union Ministry of Environment had hurriedly endorsed railway, highway and new power line installations in the biodiversity of the country. Responding patiently, the minister said, “If the railway, highway and power line project is a threat to the environment, an appropriately informed request will be reviewed.”

Warning Again for Mahdai Water

The minister was also tried to accommodate the permission granted to the Mahadai diversion project. The Environment Ministry has given the green signal for a major project during the previous by-election in Karnataka.

The Mahdai project; New DPR Submission to Quick Center

The project, which is limited to drinking water, does not require environmental clearance and was approved by Karnataka. Asked about this, he said, “The Chief Minister will explain to you about this. The matter is currently in court. Most developments have not happened, ” he said.

Mahadai, call for time limit


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