Prime Minister Modi said changes in the mapping policy were announced by the central government – helping to make India self-sufficient

The central government on Monday announced a huge change in the country’s mapping mall, which would benefit Indian companies. Policy changes have been made keeping in view the Government of India. Publishing this on Twitter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said policy change was a major step in the government’s vision of making India self-sufficient.

“Our government has made a big impression on Digital India. Liberalizing policies that regulate the acquisition and production of geospatial data is a major step in our vision for a self-sufficient India,” he said.

“These reforms will unlock enormous opportunities for our country’s startups, the private sector, the public sector and research institutions to innovate and build scalable solutions. This will create jobs and accelerate economic development.”

He said the country’s farmers would benefit from taking advantage of the potential of geospatial and remote sensing data. In another tweet, PM Modi said, “These reforms show our commitment to improving business in India easily.”

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, the radical changes announced by the government, there is no need to ban globally readily available in India and therefore no need to restrict geospatial data.