Priyanka Chopra opens an Indian restaurant in New York, sharing photos inside

Priyanka Chopra, who has become a global icon, continues to surprise her fans one after another. While his films are being released on the one hand, on the other hand he has also previously released his autobiography ‘Unfinished’. After this, its Hindi translation ‘Abhi Baaki Hai Safar’ has also been released. At the same time, Priyanka Chopra has made a big gift for her Indian fans living abroad. He has opened a luxury restaurant in New York. Priyanka’s restaurant is named Sona. In this he expressed his love for Indian food.

Inaugurated in a special way
Priyanka also worshiped with Nick at this restaurant some time ago. They shared pictures of anyone on their social media account. Priyanka Chopra announced on her Instagram that she is opening a restaurant for Indian food in New York. He has also held a small pooja for its inauguration. Priyanka also shared some pictures while doing the pooja. See Priyanka Chopra’s post here

The Indian flavors I grew up with…
Priyanka Chopra shared and wrote these pictures – ‘I am thrilled to present Sona in front of you. New restaurant in NYC, where I poured my love for Indian food. Sona is a symbol of Indian flavors I grew up with. The kitchen will be run by the most talented chef Hari Nayak. They have prepared a very tasty and innovative menu. This will take you on a food tour to my country ‘.

Said when opening the restaurant
Priyanka ‘Sona is opening this month and I can’t wait to see all of you there. This would not have been possible without my friends Manish Goyal and David Robin. The second and third image in this post was taken in September 2019, we have a small pooja for this place, ”he said.