bigg boss 4 telugu: How much is monal remuneration?

As you can see, Bigg Boss has reached its fourth season finale. Monal Gazzar, who first set foot in the house, stopped a foot away from the finale and exited the Bigg Boss show. She tasted all the joys, friendships, sorrows, bonds and was eliminated in her fourteenth week. On the day of the premiere episode of the Monal show, it had already made a name for itself by giving good water to those entering the house. Akhil then closes with Abhijit and turns the camera to his side.

The triangle story that struck a chord
but this triangle story failed to impress the masses. It also hit the house. As a result, she was torn between the two and was left alone at the end. She was repeatedly nominated by members of the household as the tasks played out properly. Unable to prove that he would play with this, Monal became paralyzed. Several times, however, she captained Harika, who had stopped a foot away from the captaincy, and shut all her mouths. Even after that, she was eliminated the next Sunday for her performance in the tasks.

The Big Boss managers rewarded her with two and a half million rupees a week. In other words, for a total of fourteen weeks, it seems that Monal has touched over Rs 35 lakh. I do not know how true this is but the issue of her remuneration has become a hot topic on social media.

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