Public quarrel with BBMP marshals without penalty – Kannada English

Bangalore: As the number of coronavirus increases in the city, there is an increasing number of public quarrels with marshals penalizing those who don’t wear masks and social gaps.

More than four thousand cases of coronavirus are detected daily in the city, with the public neglecting the necessary precautions. The number of active infections has increased to 48 thousand.

Against this backdrop, the BBMP and the state government are penalizing those who violate the Infection Rules. The public is getting into quarrels with the BBMP marshals when it comes to penalties. The growing number of people who argue for not paying fines is growing. BBMP officials have reported that people who are behaving like this are lodged at the police station and fined by the help of local police.

The penalty for violating the Corona Rule has been increased to Rs 1,000. BBMP marshals have assaulted two persons who violated the rule in Puram, while individuals have assaulted marshals. It is now learned that the two have been arrested.

The arrested are Arun T (26) and Jagdish GP (28). Both were working as bar suppliers, and the two allegedly walked off the bike around 11.30 am without a mask. The BBMP marshals are blocking this time. He said he would pay the fine. It is alleged that the accused refused to do so.

Health Inspector Nagaraj has lodged a case at KR Puram police station.

After their arrest, the accused had no money to pay the fine. Yet the officer was forced to make the money. He said that we were angry.


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