Publication: CBSE releases assessment policy for 10th standard students

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) issued assessment policy on Saturday to announce exam results for students in Class XI. Under this, schools will be able to give students marks based on unit tests, semi-annual exams, preboard exams and internal assessment.

In view of the corona transition, CBSE previously canceled tenth class examinations of the 2020-21 academic session. Now the board has decided to give the marks based on student achievement in year-round exams. Under the assessment policy, schools will be able to give students a maximum of 10 points based on the unit test, a maximum of 30 points based on the semi-annual exam and a maximum of 40 points based on the preboard test. The remaining 20 marks are based on an internal assessment by schools.

The school will form an internal committee
-All schools must form an internal examination committee to release test results. The committee is comprised of seven teachers with head teachers. If a school conducts any one of the three categories determined for the result, the committee will assign points for the remaining tests.

The results are coming up on June 20th
Schools should prepare their results by May 25 and submit them to CBSE by June 5. Internal Examination scores will be made available to the Board by June 11. CBSE will publish the test results on June 20. In this session, more than 22 lakh students have registered for tenth grade.