Qurbaan Hua 14 January 2021 Written Update – Neel agrees to marry Meera

Qurbaan Hua 14 January 2021 Written Update – Neel agrees to marry Meera

At the beginning of the serial, Neal realized that Chahandauld was in a bit of trouble, which is why she couldn’t take a stand for our love. Neil thought to go to Chahat to find his compulsion. Meera stopped Neal and told him that this was not the right time for her stepmother to be with her and that she was very dangerous.

Gotabhambari gathered everyone outside the house to show that someone had written irrelevant and negative things about us. Suddenly some unknown people throw stones at their house. Vyas Ji felt guilty for painting the house in front of Devaprayag. Alekh Vyas Ji told him that the whole Devprayag wants to remove you from your position. Nell got there and argued with other family members.

If you think I have done something wrong, you can punish me for it, ”said Neal. Vyas Ji said I was wrong by having a son like you. Vyas Ji was convicted of punishing her with a black rope. Neil stopped Vyas Ji and started beating him saying he should punish me for this. Alekh was secretly recording with his phone. Jamunaprasad prevented Vyas Ji from being punished. Jamunaprasad told Neil to sacrifice his love for Vyas ji.

Dr. Big came up to the glass gate and said, “Don’t leave Neil because I am alive because of Chahat.” Suddenly Gajala came and showed Vyas Ji’s clip to Chahat. Gajala said, both parents suffer because of your love. Ghazala ordered his people to give Dr. Bai electric shocks and Chahat told him to do what I was saying. Jamunaprasad told Neil to marry Meera to save the family’s reputation.

I put a time bomb on Vyas Ji’s house, and if you refuse to marry Mr. Rehmat, Vaz Ji’s house will explode with my only call, “Gajala said. Chahat agreed to marry who she wanted, and there Neil agreed to marry Meera, and if Chahat returned before marrying, I would not marry Meera. Mira was angry with Neil for agreeing to marry me because you love Chahat. Neil said I knew Chahat would return after hearing about my marriage. Chahat wrote with her blood on the wall, “I lob u neil”.