Qurbaan Hua 16th November 2020 full episode written update

Qurbaan Hua 16th November 2020 full episode written update

As she looks for a pot of boiling water for tea in the kitchen, she switches Neil’s bruises clean. Wheat gives the water a boil. Balek calls for fireworks as Neil returns. Chahat comes to Balek and says that it was really strange, he agreed to marry her shortly after Neil’s death and now celebrates Neil’s return. She asks why she’s been dizzy for days. Balek says it was not easy for him, he did everything in terms of her health. The godfather brings a pot of water. Neville asks the godfather why she helped Chavet. Wheatberry says it’s salt water. Neil screams in pain and burning bruises.

Before placing a piece of cloth on Neal’s face, Vias ji knocks on the door. Neil asks why he came now. Looking down at his face, he blinked. Vias Ji agrees to hug Neil at once, it’s his fault. To punish himself, he places his hand on the nearby candle flame. Neil and Chahat stop him. Neil hides his face again. Vias Jee says that Neil tried to make the pain felt. Neal could not recognize his appearance, which was a surprise and concern to Neil. He wondered what pain Neil must have felt. Neil turns to Vias Jee. The father-son shares a long, tedious hug.

The godfather waited for Neal’s scream. Vias Ji says he wanted to come to Neil a long time ago. He was busy preparing Chandan’s lip to ease Neil’s pain. Chahat was delighted. Vias Ji takes the water pot out.

Outside the corridor, he takes the pottery pot from Vias Ji. They say it is a good idea to tap Chahat Neal’s face with warm water. Vyas Ji gave Chandan a lip and Chahat says it was on Neil’s face.

At 5am, Chahat wakes up Neal while he is asleep. She takes him out into the corridor. Chahat asks to untie his shirt. He jokes that she is not his wife. Chahat replies that she is a good doctor. She applies ointment to his bruises.

Early in the morning, Bhopu comes to meet Neil. He was excited and announced a full day celebration for Neil’s return. Neil takes him inside for tea. Grace wept in Balek’s arms. Godavari calls her and tells her that Krupa is afraid of Neal’s burnt face. Viyas ji comes to scold the goddess. Chahat calls Krupa and forcibly hands him over to Neil. Kripa’s cry turns to the laughter and she starts to play. Chahat now questions the wheat and says that the inside of the beasts shows up on their faces. Krippa can only see what’s inside Neal, and she’s happy because it’s pure.

In the room, Chahat clicks Neil’s photos in the room. He forbids anyone to share photos. He asks Chahat to make a coin distribution in the temple. Chahat says that Viyas ji wants to collect all the prayers and blessings of the people after the accident. She asks him to order coins, so long as she has an appointment with a cosmetologist. She took pictures of him for that.

Outside, Balek tells the godfather to see what he does to Neil. Hearing this, Chahat asks his motives. She asks Balek what they were doing at the factory that day. Balek says he went to visit the factory owner. He is selling a factory and Vias Zee suggests to set up a Shaadi factory. The goddess explains that she and Naveli followed Chahat to the factory. Chahat leaves. The godfather thinks she or Balek didn’t spill molten lava. Those who want to take Chahat’s life are surprised.
There, Dr. Gazala gives another injection to fight Beg.

Chahat comes to the van. She spotted Balek near the factory and goes to hear his conversation. Balek bribed a man and told him to tidy up his work. Chahat hears the doggy cry and goes to save him from a large mud pot inside the truck. Balek boarded the truck. It starts to move. Chahat was trapped in a mud pot.

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