Qurbaan Hua Written Update 19 October 2020: Will Neel succeed in exposing the culprit?

In previous installments of Sacrifice Hua, Chahat decides to reveal Naveli’s boyfriend. However, her plan fails and she gets into trouble. Neil throws Chahat out of the house. Is Neil really upset about Chahat or is this a plan to expose the main culprit? Read on to learn.

Sacrifice Hua Written Update 18 October 2020:

In the latest issue of Sacrifice Hua, Chahat feels nervous as Neal throws her out of the house. Chahat has been sleeping outside the house. She cries and begs Neil to listen. But he goes away. Sunita decided to teach Chahat a lesson. Later, Neal reveals that he was trying to help Chahat and had no intention of throwing her out of the house. Meanwhile, Naveli thanks Sunita for helping her by sending the text. He goes to see Chahat’s kingdom. After a while, it starts to snow. Neil is worried about Chahat. He wants to help her but he feels helpless because of Naveli. However, he devises a plan to keep her warm.

The next day, Chahat wakes up late to pray. But, Vasji also goes to the backyard to pray. When Neil notices that he is praying, he rushes down and stops Vasji to see Chahat. Chahat thanks you for saving Neil again. Chahat watches as the entire family is having breakfast, however, Neil calls her. She rejoices and steps into the house. But Neil tells her to stop and take her things and leave the house. Sunita gives Chahat old food but Chahat refuses. Chahat tries to prepare her own meal with no resources available outside. After a while, Neal reaches out and apologizes to her. They reveal that this is their plan Reveal Naveli’s boyfriend.

Alec tells Navalie’s father that he has spoken to his father-in-law and requested that he not tell anyone about the text. Neil says don’t worry. After a while his phone rings and his hands are dirty and he asks Naveli to answer it. This crime is all part of Neal’s plan to expose the perpetrator. Naveli and Sunita Petified.