Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 18 November 2020 Written Episode Update

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 18 November 2020 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Dulari (like Pandit) says the boy does not look happy. Koel says that’s because you’re talking too much. Set up Kundli and say good-bye. Dulari says this maiden is a hurry. I don’t like rushed people. According to his Kundli he is already married and his wife’s name is D. Dulari says that starts from. My wife’s name is Dulari. Koel says forget the past. Focus on the future. Now Ram will marry me.

Tell me the date. They say you are also engaged according to your Kundli. I got engaged to him and now tell us the wedding date, ”says Koel. Dulari says your Kundlis do not match. Ram rightly says. Menaka says Pandit ji Kundlis should be compatible. She gives him 2000. Dulari says it’s not a sari or a blouse. 2000 rupees cannot do that.

Don’t make a play, you get your money, says Menaka. Dulary says in her heart that she is with Koel. I thought she was really in trouble. Madhar says all this is wrong. He walks away. Susheela says Pandit ji please set their dates. It’s about the daughter’s life. Dulari okay Mata ji says, I will see his Kundli again because of you.

Ram says why do I feel like Dulari is around me? Madha says all this mess. All this is due to Rudra Bhaiya. Please don’t come for the next few days. My heart is heavy. I should have tea at the place.

Scene 2
The real Pandit is in the place of G Dulari. They say, Whose kundli should we set? Madhar comes out. They say I drink tea with biscuit. Patang and everyone else try to distract Pandit Ji. Madha arrives. He says you have a brother and he came to our place? Pandit ji says so Ram’s place is yours? Patang says no.

Pandit ji say to Patang you played with me? That cheater was sent to my place? Madhar says Dulari is there? She knows the histroy of our house. Madhar sneezes. Comes Rudra. He says no one can stop Pandit from going to Rami’s place. He slaps Patang and Irfan. He says come with me Pandit. Everyone says Tao Ji Stop. He locks them in the house.

Ram sees Dulari’s beard falling. He says this is Dulru. He kisses her face and Pandit ji says you are amazing. He whispers that the beard is falling apart. Dulari smiles at him. Dulary is leaving. Susheela says Pandit ji stop. Take charge. Dulari says I will take it later. She gives him money. Dulary is leaving. Cole says wait a minute. Ram and Dulari are terrified. Koel stripped his beard. Everyone is shocked. Also comes Tao Ji. He says I don’t understand what you are doing.

What is your plan Ram says you can’t talk to her like that. She is my wife. They say I am your Tao. You don’t teach me how to talk to people. Have you left your house for this girl? Did Coyle leave and ruin our family’s name for this girl? She is a traitor. Dulari cries and says I’m not a traitor. I have done all this .. Rudra says that I am told what to do. Menaka says he has no spine. Why is she still here? I take her out of Bhaiyala’s life. Menaka pulls Dulary out. She kicks Dulari out the door. Ram says to stop Manaka. She closes the door. Dulary cried outside. Dulary walked out of the house.

Scene 3
The real Pandit ji says there is a good mahorat in the next 7 days. Well, if they get married in 7 days, otherwise they will never get married. Tao Ji says that Kool and Ram will get married. Menaka and Koel shake hands. Dulari looks at them. Dulari says they are cooking something together. They don’t know Ram and I can’t be with each other. Rekha says they are playing the game. Duluru says look at what I do now.

Scene 4
At night, Koel comes to Raman. She says Ram Ram, Ram Ji. Ram says stop it. They say I stop taking my name. I take the name of Ram so all my work is over, ”says Koel. They say that love is not one side. I am going to be your wife, ”says Koel. I know how to win hearts. I would be a better wife than Dulari. ROM

Giggle He says there is a big difference between you and Dulari. She makes others happy and you only care about yourself. You are not even close to my Dula. Coel leaves.

Dulari says pardon me, Lord ji. I made the mistake of disguising Pandit ji. What I did was wrong but I used this method the right way. I know Koel is making a big plan. Please keep your blessings with me and help me succeed in my project. Once I get home, I fight with the world. This time the fight is hard because I have to do it within the boundaries of relationships.

Give me the signal. Patang also comes. He’s leaving. Dulari says have a safe journey. They say you look very confident. But what if this project was up in the air? Dulari slaps him and says I believe in my love. My love wins at all costs. If you have faith, I will, ”Patang says. Recharge my phone, I’m leaving. He walks away.

Dulari says give me signal Bhagwan ji. A flower falls. Dulary smiles. Dulari says thanks. I got your signal. I know you will help me.