Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update

Hema says you look like a Kohinoor in my sari. She shows the socks to Koel. Menaka and Koel choose sarees. They choose colors. I take it as a saree of Rama, ”says Koel.

Dulari asks Rama to come inside. Ram comes into the shop room. Ram says you look so pretty. Dulari says I sent Patang to hanansi. She tells him everything. This means that Menak’s husband has never had an accident. Mummy Papa doesn’t have to go to jail. And if they don’t, I don’t have to marry Coel. The problem is solved. Dulari says we have no proof. I asked Patang to make a video or photo.

Message to Dulary. This is Kinshu. Ram says this is not Menaka’s husband. We have to get ourselves there. I go out and find out what the truth is, ”says Dulari. Does he say it alone? Dulari says I can do it for you and for Menaka’s wedding. There is Patang. Ram says we should go quickly. Otherwise Coyle .. Don’t worry, Dulari says. I will solve this porblem. I’m going to hanc tomorrow. Ram says I can handle things here.

Dulari tells Sushel that I will go and come back. Coel says it’s a late comeback. Menaka says or don’t come back. Koel says how she will marry my brother if she doesn’t return. Menaka says that she has agreed to marry and now she is going to the temple? Something went wrong. Is she planning to run with Ram? Dulari says I don’t need to run. I get on the train again and get on the train. Dulari leaves.

Dulary comes to hanc. Patang comes in there with grown hair and in a beggar’s clothing. What fashion does this say? What is all this? They say it’s not fashion. This is my reality. Dulary is shocked. They say I changed my outfit to take a photo of them and people thought I was a thief and they hit me. Dulary laughs. They say you are laughing? Dulari says I am not. They say I have done so much for you and you are laughing at me. Patang says how do we get there? Dulari says we will. We talk to him. Tell him which nursing home he is in.

Dulry comes to the hospital as a nurse. A doctor walks past her. He says .. Dulari is scared. He says the patient drops in room 204. Dulari says thank god.

Dulari comes into the patient’s room.

Coel says I prepared the dance for our music. Tell me how it is? She dances around the ram in Dilbar Dilbar. Ram runs away from him. Also comes Tao Ji. He shouts and who played this song? Says Ram Miss Koel. She did it. She was doing her musical rehearsal. I told her that Tao Ji doesn’t like things she doesn’t hear. Tao Ji says I don’t like all this. He shouts. Koel says when did you start to lie. They say I learned from you.

Dulari comes into Koel’s brother’s room. He has fractures and bruises. Dulari Sauce I Dulari. Menaka’s brother’s wife. They say Ram left you so you have to do this thing? Dulari says I came here to save our marriage. She tells him everything.