RealMe is a big manufacturer, with 5G smartphones coming in at less than Rs 10,000

RealMe is set to make a big bang in the smartphone industry next year. Madhav Seth, CEO of the company, said in a webinar on Wednesday that the company will be launching 5G smartphones in 2022 for less than Rs 10,000. With this, all the real-time smartphones that come in at more than Rs 15,000 will have 5G, Seth said.

The goal of reaching 5G for all classes of users
Realme began its 5G journey in India last year with the Realme X50 Pro 5G. The company has recently added some other devices to its 5G smartphone portfolio, including Realme 8 5G, Narzo 30 Pro 5G and Realme X7 Max 5G. Seth said the company aims to become a 5G leader in India this year and the company is trying to make this technology accessible to all classes of users.

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The Realme GT series will be entered in the next quarter
The company is looking to launch the Realme GT series in India next quarter as part of its 5G strategy, Seth said. What’s special is that this series is not one, but many models will be released. The company launched the Realme GT5G in China in March. Following this, the phone was launched in Europe, Poland, Russia, Spain and Thailand in June. Reality GT Neo and Neo Flash also come in this series. In the coming days, the company may also launch a new series called Realme GT Master Edition.

7500 can bring 5G phone worth Rs
With the release of the Reality GT series, the company can also launch new 5G smartphones in its Narzo series. Last month, the first 5G smartphone in the series, the Realme Norzo 30 5G, was launched. RealMe had earlier this year promised to build a 5G smartphone portfolio in the upper Rs 30,000 category.

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The company is now doing the same project for a segment of more than Rs 15,000. However, Seth said he was not sure when the company would have 5G smartphones in every range. Specifically, Seth said last month that the 5G (about Rs 7,500) 5G smartphone could be launched.

The ‘1 + 5 + T’ technique changes the way you use your smartphone
Last week, the company introduced its ‘1 + 5 + T’ strategy. Under this strategy, the company plans to launch a smartphone that can simultaneously connect to Internet of Things (IoT) products such as real wireless earbuds, wearables, TVs, laptops and tablets. In addition, the company’s plan also includes creating an open partner platform to support IoT startups.

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