Reopen School: The Department of Basic Education is set to reopen the elementary school by training teachers from March 1

School reopening: The Department of Basic Education is set to reopen the council schools from March 1. For this purpose council teachers are being trained under the mandatory foundation program. In this, teachers are taught the skills of coping and teaching children after schools open.

Almost a year later, since March 1, long before primary schools are opened, there is a shift in children’s behavior and education when the school opens. Council teachers from one to fifth grades are being trained for this purpose. Teachers need to deal with children and motivate them to re-educate them with new experiences. This will attract children in new ways.

In many schools, teachers are planning to decorate the school premises to welcome children when they come to school after a long time. At the same time, children are being trained at block level to motivate them to educate. Teachers are provided with materials including 102 chart of 37 methods based on various topics. District Training Officer Arvind Kumar informed that the teachers are being trained. Its supervision is being done at the state level. After a long time after the school opened, children are being trained to prepare for education and to share their experiences with the corona era.

District Basic Education Officer Brij Bhushan Chaudhary informed that preparations are being made to open primary schools from March 1. Through training, teachers are being trained to motivate children in education. Training At its end, most blocks are completed.