Roadies Revolution Finale: Guess who won the title of 17th edition of Rannvijay Singha’s show

After witnessing a year of rough grit, passion and adventure, India’s 17th season long-running adventure reality show MTV Roadies Revolution has its winner in Delhi’s boyfriend Hamid Barkji. Hamid, who is part of celebrity leader Nikhil Chinapa’s team, took home the trophy in Saturday’s January 16 Grand Final, beating Team Nikhil and Team Varun’s Michael and Jayant respectively. The season premiered on February 15, 2020, celebrating Rodney’s enduring enthusiasm and his ich ness in striving for social change in society. It took viewers to the beautiful landscapes of Ish Shikesh, Rupnagar and Garli Village before the lockdown, which was imposed in March. Also Read Hamid Barkzi wins the title of MTV Roadies Revolution

Hamid witnessed an eventful journey that began as a weakling to emerge as the winner of the 17th season. He impressed everyone with his ability while performing tasks and playing fair game throughout the journey. Hamid Nikhil, part of the team’s loyalty model, stood firm in the team and left no barriers to his soulmate on the show. Originally regarded as a weak link, Hamid highlighted the challenges in the game’s dynamics and posted a lockdown when the shoot resumed, never looking back at him. He was victorious in his final act, which was the ultimate test of strength and courage. Former contestants cheered the finalist and heightened the excitement. Also Read MTV Roadies Revolution Winner Name Hamid Barkzi Grand Finale Who will win? Runner-up

After winning the show, Hamid said, “It was one of the most special moments of my life. Being the weakest person I ever wanted to have the opportunity to perform until I won the award, I was loyal to my game, the team and myself on this journey and that was important in the end. The Roadies Revolution has been instrumental in changing my outlook on some of life’s most important issues. I had my own share of ups and downs but it made me stronger to move up the ladder and emerge victorious. I cannot thank Nikhil sir enough for this win. He has fought for his team, each of us standing at every step. I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to play with them and reach the finish line. The journey would not have been possible without the support of the wonderful mentor Ranvijay Sir and other leaders Neha Mom, Prince and Varun Sir. And a big shout out to the MTV team who gave us the platform to express ourselves. This is just the beginning. I look forward to many more challenges and victories. ”

Winning captain Nikhil Chinapa also expressed his enthusiasm, “It’s a pleasant victory. For the first time, it has reached the final stage between rivals such as Prince, Neha and Varun, which is a major win for me, Hamid and the team’s loyalty model, and I’m lucky. The Roadies Revolution is challenging but fulfilling and I cannot be more grateful to have my team throughout this journey. The game was very intense, and everyone performed to his or her ability. Hamid is an exceptional player and has emerged as one of the show’s strongest contenders. He owes his own strength to his victory, and he stands by his journey to support his friends Michael, Arushi, Kevin, Prakhar and Taran. It was a well deserved victory and I am so proud of him for being so loyal to Michael and our team. Time to celebrate and get ready for the next many adventures. ”

Led by celebrity leaders Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa, Varun Sood and Prince Narula’s host Ranvijay Singha, the Roadies Revolution touched on many social causes through its journey and encouraged contestants to return to society and work towards its improvement. With filming halting mid-March due to a lockdown imposed in March, Rhodes Farm began its journey online with the first digital auditions in Rhodes history and took the entertainment element up a notch. When filming resumed in Mumbai on September 10, the Roadies were back in action and entertained the audience with many turns until the end of the journey.

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