Roja and Poovarasi got a current shock.

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Sun TV fame Roja never fails to entertain its audience from the first day of the series, now geared up for more drama.

The story of the show revolves around Arjun and his family, then Anu entered their home as Shenbakam’s daughter. Now he is focusing on Mahasangam with Poo Unakka family. Kathir and Poovarsi are coming home to Arjun. How they deal with a new problem and how to deal with it.

Vilakku worshiped with Arjun and Roja Kathir and Poovarasi. Anu Fox camera roja to get her to go. Anu and Yasodha try to ruin her Vilakku worship. Both couples chose the same vilakku. Kathir, Poovarasi and Arjun danced happily in the act of Roja. Anu looked disgusted at him. Roja kisses Annapurna

In the latest episode, Roja warns Anu that her true identity will be revealed soon. Although Annapurna refuses to work for Roja, Arjun threatens her with the name Shaktivel. Anu uses the Line Man to kill Roja and Poovarasi by presenting shock. Thali Korkum work is underway. Arjun spying Anu. Poovarasi and Roja are currently in shock and falling down.

What happens next? Will Roja be able to claim her rights at home or will Anu steal it from her? The upcoming episode answers all our questions that stay tuned with our location for more updates