Salman Butt advised Team All India to build these all-rounder muscles, being told – being slim, they couldn’t handle the workload

Hardik Pandya is considered one of the best all-rounders in the world. Hardik has made many memorable victories for Team India with bat and ball. The Indian all-rounder has stayed away from bowling due to a fitness problem and is hoping to make a full recovery from his back surgery before captain Virat Kohli and team management Pandya T20 World Cup. However, former Pakistani batsman Salman Bhatt has suggested building a muscle in order to be fit for Hordik. According to Butt, Hardik is very thin and because of this he is unable to handle the workload.

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Speaking on his YouTube channel, Salman Butt said, ‘There are great expectations for Bharat by Hardik Pandya, but he is facing a long layoff period. He looks very skilful when batting. And when he bowled before the injury, he looked very effective at a good pace. But, the problem with the Hardik Pandya is that he is so thin that if there is an extra burden on his body, he is unworthy of this. They need some muscle in their body. He has no shortage of ability. The way they bat and bowl, their bowling action is also great. But, their body cannot take on the extra workload. This thing needs to be handled.

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Salman Butt, who gave the example of Kapil Dev and Imran Khan, explained why an all-rounder should have a strong body. He said, ‘If you compare Hardik Pandya to Kapil Dev or Imran Khan, both of them are more fit than a heavy all-rounder. You can watch their YouTube videos. I don’t know if there is any problem with the hardcore alliance. Physio and Trainer are obviously talking about this with him.

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