Salman Butt has said how he could make Rahul Dravid the future champion of Indian cricket

Shikhar Dhawan is set to play a limited-overs series against India Sri Lanka. The team has a mix of young and experienced players. India will face Sri Lanka in the first of a three-match series on July 13. Rahul Dravid has been coached on this tour. The team is under the supervision of Rahul Dravid. This is a great opportunity for Rahul to show his talent. Meanwhile, Salman Butt, the former Pakistan captain, said the Indian youth was fortunate as he was being trained under the guidance of Dravid.

Salman Butt has been praised by BCCI in his new YouTube video for appointing Rahul Dravid as coach for the Sri Lanka tour. He said, ‘India is hiring experts to train its players. They are not only cricket experts but also corporate experts. He can lead the team in the right direction. Rahul Dravid is also a hero. He was dropped as a temporary leader or a failed leader. He was a successful leader.

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Butt added, “Dravid clearly has organizational skills. Add technical expertise to it. Dravid has proved himself in tough situations. So they have gained that experience so they know what to teach young people. He explained how playing under Dravid’s guidance will help young players build their future. “I don’t think there is any pressure on Dravid. This is a chance to make him the future champions of Indian cricket. Not everyone has the opportunity to play in this series.

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