Sana Khan Maulana shares the first photo with Mufti Anas after Nika, Viral

‘Jai Ho’ actress Sana Khan says goodbye to cinema Recently, she married Maulana Mufti Anas. Its video is going viral on social media. Now Sana Khan himself shared the photo with Shauhar Maulana Mufti Anas after Nikah. In this photo, Sana Khan is seen in red lehenga. At the same time, Shauhar Mufti Anas is wearing a white kurta-pajama.

Wearing mehndi and heavy jewelery in hand, Sana Khan looks gorgeous. Sharing the photo, Sana Khan writes, “We loved each other for the sake of Allah, we married each other for Allah’s sake. May Allah keep both of us in the world.” Reunite the two in heaven. “

Let me tell you, actress Maulana Mufti marched with Anas in Surat on Friday for a family gathering. Sana Khan announced on social media that she is quitting the entertainment industry. Sana Khan wrote a lengthy post on her Instagram account, thanks to the fans and the reason for leaving Bollywood.

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Posting on Instagram, Sana Khan said, “Brothers, today I am talking to you at a pivotal point of my life. I have been living the showbiz film industry for years and have received fortune, honor and fortune on behalf of my loved ones, for which I am grateful to them, but this feeling has occupied me for some days . “Is the purpose of man entering the world, that he gains wealth and fame?”

He wrote further- does he not think that he should live his life with the help of the helpless and the helpless? Don’t you think that person can die at any time? And what happens to him after he dies. I have been looking for answers to both of these questions from time to time, especially this second question, What happens to me after death?