Sara Gurpal REACTS to ex-husband’s allegations; says, ‘Even I can make claims about being tortured physically and mentally’

Bigg Boss 14 is just getting started and we’ve already heard a lot of controversy. The first thing we hear is about Sarah Gurpal. Sarah Gurpal was the first contestant to be eliminated by Bigg Boss14. She was loved for her happy nature and her vision. However, she was expelled due to the decision of the elders. But she had heard about her marriage controversy in the past. The singer, who claimed to be a model turned singer, was separated and reportedly masked her marital status. Her ex-husband, Tushar Kumar, has revealed that he is not legally entitled to witchcraft. Tushar had stated that they had been together for 3 years until 2017 and then separated. But since Sarah was out of the house, she never talked about that. The singer has now responded to these allegations by her ex-husband. He spoke about the same in an interview with Navbharat Times. Read also – Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli or Jasmine Bhasin – Who do you think is the winner for Saman? – Vote now

He said, “While the man claims to have been separated for five years now, I wonder why he is now trying to get back in the film? These claims seem pointless. These rumors originated while I was working, but my work, my game and my family are important, claiming to be physically and mentally tortured, but there is no point in talking about the controversy. ” I’m a big fan of the show.After winning that beauty award, I’ve done a couple of music videos and movies. Also Read – Video of the Week: Siddharth Shukla Feeling Daddy Talking About His Father

Then, I started my career as a singer. In the meantime, I took a break for a year or more. I am so grateful to attend the show. “He said,” I will not say that I was inspired by Shehnaz Gill but I am proud of my Punjab and my Punjabiath like her. He put on a spectacular show. Defeating Shehnaz Gill’s achievements is tough. ” Also Read – Viral Pictures: From Nora Fatehi to Anita Hasanandani’s Pregnancy on the Kapil Sharma Show, these 5 pictures start your day off on a good note