Sathya 18 October 2020 Written Update: Sadashivam Refuses To Accept Soumya And Kathir’s Marriage

In Previous installment, Soumya and Kathir return to their former home for the rest of the wedding. However, Anita stops him at the door. She insults Katheer and Satya, provoking the power that she slaps Anita. After seeking Nirmala’s blessing, Kathir expresses his desire to see Sadashivam. Nirmala takes him and Soumya to see Sadashivam lying unconscious. Katir apologizes to him and Nirmala and continues the rest of the marriage.

Spoiler for the latest episode of the Tamil serial has been lost The truthWhat?

This Issue, Sadashivam becomes conscious and interrupts Soumya and Kathir’s wedding ceremony. He slaps Souma and talks badly about Kathir. Sadashivam has refused to accept Soumya and Kathir’s marriage. They allege that Satya and Prabhu ruined their daughter’s life. Prabhu has revealed the truth behind Soumya and Kathir’s marriage. Prabhu reveals that he is afraid that Soumya might take a serious step if he gets married against his wishes, which is why he and Sathya supported his marriage to Kathir.