scientists harvey j alter michael houghton and charles m rice jointly receive Nobel Prize for discovering Hepatitis C virus symptoms and prevention

Hepatitis C virus Symptoms and Prevention: Today, on 5 October, the Medical Nobel Prizes of 2020 were announced. In this announcement, Harvey J. Altar, Michael Houghton and Charles M. Rice were given the award for the discovery of the ‘hepatitis C’ virus. According to the Nobel Prize Committee, blood-borne hepatitis causes cirrhosis and liver cancer in people around the world. All three contributed decisively in the fight against it. Let’s know what is this disease, symptoms and prevention of it.

What is Hepatitis C-
Hepatitis C is a liver disease. Which occurs when infected with a virus called hepatitis C. The virus spreads through infected blood and damages your liver. Which can also cause failure or cancer in future. This disease is also dangerous because more than half of the infected people do not know about themselves being infected. This is because the symptoms of this disease either do not show or it takes up to 10 years to appear.

What are the symptoms of Hepatitis C?
– Easily scratched or bruised
– Feeling more tired
– Loss of appetite
– Yellowing of skin and eyes
– Urine darkening
– Itching
– Foot swelling
– Sudden weight loss
– Dizziness and difficulty in speaking
– Muscle ache

Causes of Hepatitis C –
Hepatitis C is caused by liver weakening. These are the main reasons behind weakening or worsening of liver.
1 excessive oily spices cause liver damage.
2 A food that the liver has to work hard to digest causes pressure on the liver. In this situation, food can rot in the stomach itself, which germs cause disease.
3 Any type of intoxication or consumption of non-vegetarian food can be harmful for the liver. Doing so can cause liver inflammation.
4 Sometimes the consumption of more medicines also becomes a cause of discomfort for the liver. Excessive intake of medications such as paracetapol, antibiotics or butazolidin can worsen the liver.

Hepatitis C prevention
– To avoid Hepatitis C, try to stay away from all types of intoxication.
– Do not use a needle already used by another person.
If you want to get tattooed, then choose a good shop. Keep in mind that the tattoo needle is sterilized first.
– Use protection during sex.


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