Seeing Punia alone at the airport, the photographer asked – Where is Khan Saheb? This is the answer

Pavithra Punia, a former contestant of reality show Bigg Boss, was spotted at Mumbai airport on Saturday. She is often seen with boyfriend Eajaz Khan, but this time she is found alone at the airport. In such a situation the ographer asked the photographer, Pavithra, where was Ijaz Khan? In response, Pavithra says that Ijaz is busy with his work.

Pavithra’s video has gone viral on social media in which she is seen talking to the paparazzi at the Mumbai airport. ‘Where is Khan Sahab (Ijaz Khan)?’ In response, Pavithra said, ‘Khan Saheb is currently busy with projects and we are busy with our shooting. Let it work for man. They are doing their job and we are doing our job. ‘

Earlier, Ijaz Khan and Pavithra Poonia appeared on a radio station. This time, Shardul Pandit can be seen hugging the holy man, while looking at him, says Ijaz, ‘Leave him alone’. Recently, Eajaz Khan spoke openly about his wedding with girlfriend Pavithra Punia. The two are in love with each other and sometimes they are recognized as romantic together.

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Ijaz Khan has confirmed his relationship with the saints and has said that the wedding could take seven rounds by the end of this year. In an interview with Ejaz Khan, “Now that I’m out of the house, I look at video clips of my fight with the Holy One. I see that awkward smile on my face. Oh man, why am I not angry at the Holy One? I have always loved him and now I have expressed my feelings about him.” Now I can’t wait for him to torture me my whole life. ”

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In a conversation with Ittims, Ijaz Khan said, “There are so many papods to marry. Marriage will be inshallah and there will be time. If everything goes well, Holy and I will get married by the end of this year. ”