Seniors Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan See Rubina As The Clear Cut Winner of The Season, While Sidharth Shukla Disagrees

Standing up for herself and telling her where she needs to be, Rubina DeLike has been carving out a strong position for herself in the Bigg Boss house since the day the game began

So much so that seniors Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan Rubin raise a clear cut Winner vibe and believe they have a strong chance of taking home the trophy this year
This comes after Rubina is infuriated by Nikki and begins to point out how opportunistic and wrong she is in her stance.

The whole house goes up against Rubina but she stays strong on her floor and only fights the war, eventually causing Nikki to apologize to her
If the impressed Hina and Gauhaur go to her, Siddharth Shukla disagrees. Later, Hina Khan hugs Rubina and tells her to be proud of her.