Shaadi Mubarak 15th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandini and Preethi challenge

Shaadi Mubarak 15th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Nandini and Preethi challenge

Episode begins I have no objection to Preethi Arjun being here, but about Nandini. She scolds Katie so much. She says you hurt yourself when you insult Nandini, you don’t think about it, you don’t know what a threat she is to us if she stays here. KT stops her from talking any further.

He asks her to calm down. He says that there is nothing like that, I thought well to bring Arjun here, I will tolerate Nandini until Arjun binds me, then Arjun comes to me, Nandini realizes what happens when a person falls alone.

She stops him and says that you understand what you are saying, you want to make a strong relationship with Arjun to break the relationship with Nandini, you want to hurt her, what is the result of this, you will burn in hate fire, I cannot see it. She cries.

She thinks of Nandini, she tells us she’s spoiling us. He is not, there is nothing real between us, so she cannot destroy us, she has already ruined me, I want to bring Arjun to me, Nandini cannot come between.

He goes. Arjun says we came to Dad’s house. Nandini says that half its work is done, you don’t get full marks now, the day I reach KT’s room and Preethi goes out, you get full marks that day. He says okay, I’m your best son. She says yes.

Arjun .Thank you. Nandini acts sweet. Family members leave the table to see her. KT asks Arjun to settle down, everyone needs time. He goes to the family. He asks Shivraj to just honor Arjun and tolerate Nandini. I came to her house for Arjun’s sake, she says please please my request. If Shivraj asks, can you tolerate Nandini? KT says yes, I know I’m doing it for Arjun.

Shivraj is fine, then I will for your sake, I will support you. He asks the family to remember that they are doing it for the sake of KT and Arjun. Seeing Preethi. The family goes back to the ining table. Nandini stops Preethi Arjun laughs. Everyone will see. Nandini says that everything got in the way as before, I was sitting on the left side beside you, you were saying the heart was on the left.

I wonder why Nandini is sitting with KT because she is fidgety. Arjun wakes up and signs KT. KT says I will tolerate this for my son’s sake. Nandini thinks I will do anything for KT. Neely asks Preethi to sit down. Neelima kisses Arjun.

Nandini asks Katie to pass on the rice. Seeing Preethi makes me wonder why I feel so bad. KT takes Preethi aside. He asks her to sit with him before Nandini arrives. She asks on the left. I know you do not Preethi me, but we must act in front of Nandini, you must show that you Preethi me, that we cannot live with each other like a happy married couple. She says like you and Nandini.

They have to show that we Preethi each other so much, please help me, ”he says. She nods. He thanked her. He goes. She looks at the shadow and goes to look. She looks at some jewelry as tips. She goes to look. She looks at Nandini in the room. Nandini argues with her.

They say that KT and I have memories of all these things, you have no rights in KT. This truth of Preethi is big, KT and my marriage, look there. She shows the wedding picture on the wall. Nandini definitely says, why do you want to make your life funny, we know he married you to take revenge on me, this picture…. Not any proof of your and KT’s relationship.

She throws a picture. Preethi asks what you did. She looks at the wedding picture of KT and Nandini. They say I am in their hearts and minds, they will put you out soon. She tears the picture. Preethi was upset. Nandini says KT Preethis me. Saying no Preethi, he hates you. Nandini says its just annoying.

Preethi says its hate, they want to forget you. Nandini brought me closer, how they forget me, think, Arjun’s excuse got me here. Preethi says you are wrong. Nandini says I can see the fear of losing KT on your face, do you Preethi him.

Precape: Nandini and Preethi challenge each other. Nandini says if you prove it right, you will leave this house.

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