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The 17 October 2020 episode of Shaadi Mubarak begins with the idea of ​​KT to deal with love. She asks how you got there so quickly. He asks how are you now. She asks me what happened, I took medications at night and I’m fine now. He says good-bye. She looks at the check. They say its Mrs. Goplani’s advance check. She says she did not say congratulations, its first check, yesterday. He says I wanted to say it. She asks him to come and pray. She prays. I keep KT’s faith, we always win together, they give me the strength that our partnership will last. She thinks I don’t know the reason for her lies, she can’t cheat me.

Priyanka you don’t worry about Tarun, I have another plan, I will not let Rati torture you, I have a lawyer friend, he will get you witchcraft without alimony. He says, Rati doubts me, if she knows we have done this, she will bother me, give me some time, then we will expel Rati from our lives.

KT says we should think of something else. Love says we should send the card a gift, be it beautiful things. KT says good idea, we can keep beauty products and chocolates. They also say the beautiful Laddu Gopal idol. He says it’s a good idea. Sheena Great, madam. Love says we have white lace with pink flowers as Mrs. Goplani’s choice. KT feels honest in her work, she can’t cheat me. He gets a call from Nilima. They say come home, I need your sign on some of the Imp papers. She says I will go home, go to Mrs. Goplani and interrupt her. Love asks how can I go without you. They say I send the car, I went without you too. He goes. I think what I do now is love, I have to interrupt her.

Kusum laughs when Juhi sees the window swatch cleaning. They say you were swatch cleaning the window by hand, but your whole body was shivering. She gets Amit’s mum’s call. Amit Amma has been in the US since day 15, she says Roca is late. Juhi remembers Priyanka’s lie. I didn’t know that Priyanka would keep my values, but Kusum says Priyanka retains my respect. She’s gone. Juhi thinks Priyanka didn’t meet Amit, but Amit gave her an expensive ring, saying why she lied and who gave it. Preity sends Sheena in a video call. Mrs. Goplani likes the idea of ​​disruption. Love says that we thought of disrupting the idol. Mrs. Goplani says I liked the idea of ​​Krishna, and also the idea of ​​lace. Love comes with a subscription call. Chandi says that Rathi is in an accident here and her leg is broken, her husband cannot be reached. Love says I’m coming. Chanda says Rathi is fine now, don’t create drama here, I called you for talking about something. Love says I was not coming here. She asks Chanda to keep the ring she tried to steal. She says you are talented, KT failure, he has no money and no respect, he lives on his father’s money, why do you want to work with a loser, you can’t win with him, he tried to challenge me, I finish him. Love says I never hear a word against my spouse. She scolds Chanda.

The hard worker always wins, don’t try to call me again, she says thank you for your offer. She returns the ring and walks away. Neeleema asks Katie to drink coffee. They say its the best coffee in the world. She asks him why she lied and asked for love. He says no, I think she can’t lie to me. You always trust people, they say you cheated on your wife. They say that love cannot compare to her, love is an honest person, I told you. Love called him and Mrs. Goplani agreed to be interrupted, we should be interrupted. They say I can afford it. Swach answers Juhi Priyanka’s room. She gets Priyanka’s ID card. She sees the sign of a lad and that means she works in a lad’s company, she never told anyone. She gets nail remover fluid and nail polish. She lied, which means Priyanka gave that information to the lad.

Neelima asks Katie to look at the picture. KT sees Chanda and Preity’s picture. Rathi shows the picture to the lad. I messaged the issue, saying that it will break KT and Preity’s partnership, I messaged that Preity gave Chanda the details of the Nathmal project. Tarun says love can tell the truth. Rati says that doubt is like a tattoo, it does not erase. Love and Sheena work. Nilima says love is not as honest and simple as you think KT is.

Love they KT believed me, I will not break their faith. Nilima says she cheated and gave Chanda a Nathmal plan. Love wants a reason to make KT smile, I give it. KT thinks so.


Shaadi Mubarak 18 October 2020 Written Issue Update Preliminary:KT gets angry. Love comes to help. He asks her to leave. They say I will break this partnership.

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Release Date:17 October 2020
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