Shaadi Mubarak 9th December 2020 Written Update: Preethi tries to get KT’s DNA sample

Shaadi Mubarak 9th December 2020 Written Update: Preethi tries to get KT’s DNA sample

The episode affectionately separates Nandini from KT, Nandini asks KT to help her find Arjun and after 24 hours of disappearance, the police say that she is not helping him, she requests KT to help him because Arjun is not his son and he will not seek him Refusing to talk, Preethi is shocked to see him and asks Arjun to help him because of humanity.

Just a child and new to this place but KT is adamant that Preethi will help Nandini but Nandini thinks she wants to spend time with Katie and not Preethi. He asks you to come. When Shivraj falls in Preethi and warns of Nandini’s cunning mind and asks her not to trust her, all the family go to their room and Preethi says they knew about Nandini but Arjun couldn’t stop them from being a child.

When something happens to him she can’t forgive herself! Shivaraj appreciates her caring nature but asks her to be aware of Nandini because she can get down to whatever she wants. When Kusum arrives and comforts her, Priyanka sits down at her bedside and cries, Priyanka apologizes for not understanding her upset and says that she is very proud of her.

Kusum realizes that he will never compromise for her dignity and embraces her, then she asks Priyanka to pull out her engagement ring and declare that her daughter will not marry such a naive person. Katie and Nandini continue to search for Arjun but do not find him, Nandini enjoys riding with Katie and recalls a flashback where Arjun asked her to talk to him, she could not live without him, but asked him to disappear for a while.

Did you hear KT Nandini when she last spoke with Arjun? She answered in the morning, and KT was disturbed by her decision to marry Priory instead of her, and when he put his head on his shoulder he pulled the car up and glared at her. Preethi was going downstairs when she heard Neelima talking to a servant who told her about waiting for someone to meet her in the garden, and asked why she let him come here? Which servant says he is adamant to talk to her, Nilima looks here and there and moves towards the garden, but Preethi comes in doubt. Juhi finds her CA degree in the Kiwi box and Kusum gets up there and smiles when asked to work, because Sumed helps her rebuild her business, but Juhi gets excited and hugs her and Priyanka happily congratulates Priyanka. Preethi follows Nilima and is shocked to see that she is talking to Arjun, she confronts Arjun, Nilima and Arjun are shocked to find her, Preethi asks Nilima how can she hide this? Neeleema blames Preethi, saying it is because of her, and says she does not need anyone’s permission to meet her grandchildren. . She told him about how she found Arjun at the suicide site and saved him.

At the time, Arjun came forward and blamed his Preethi for his parents, recalling the flashback that Nandini had asked to meet Neelima as a child, then she tried to trap her son and then filed a case against Neelima to save him. Preethi tells Arjun that it is wrong to hide this, Arjun does not speak to him and Nandini calls him to think about suicide because he has slapped her and Preethi asks him to confront his mother but he refuses to listen. They first arrest Nandini and Arjun is worried.

KT separates Nandini from his shoulder and asks him not to go near him and tells him that he will not accept Arjun as his son and declares that he is the only one because his wife Preethi asked him. On the other side, Preethi asked Arjun to tell his mother about it and when he was ringing his phone, he called Nandini and she was worried, KT looked at her curiously.

PreCap: – Preethi tries to get KT’s DNA sample to check with Arjun but Preethi tries to find some way to get it without telling him. Neelima saw her and told her about it.

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