Shakti 3 December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan Heer saying he will marry

Shakti 3 December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohan Heer saying he will marry

The episode begins with Rohan Heer saying he will marry, tomorrow himself, if there is no Mahurat or not, and there is no better Mahurat than your happiness. I’ll get married tomorrow. Prieto walked towards Rohan and hit him hard. Everyone is shocked. What does Prieto ask about our joys and wishes, what about your happiness? She says until when you sacrifice and you are not God, do not try to be God.

Rohan says I think of your happiness and wishes, but Heer is nothing more than his happiness, not my life. Prieto Rohan says… Please don’t say anything Rohan and remember my first promise to my sister Heer. They say I can’t break that promise, and do this marriage. Prieto recalls Rohan’s promise not to let his sister go to the world of Kinnear. Rohan I’m sorry, I have to do this wedding. Heer embraces Rohan and says that you did not know that you gave me such great pleasure.

Rohan asks her to make arrangements. Virat tears up and says Veer Ji, I did not believe in God before, but now I believe in Him more and more, whatever God can do for a person like you. He thanks Rohan and hugs him, saying you have done me a great favor. Rohan asks them to make arrangements. Virat invites them all to Simran’s wedding. Heer says Virat come, we need to make many arrangements. Heer tells Prieto that this wedding is definitely happening now and Rohan hugs him, thank you. Virat happily takes Heer from there.

Preeto asks what you did Rohan. They say you risk yours and Heer’s life for a happy little moment. Rohan says this is not the case. Prieto says that if you want to get married, break your relationship with us and get married, take your wife from here, don’t bring her here. Rohan holds up her hand and says, “What do you think I’m thinking outside?” He says Simran may feel the same way as we are worried for 24 hours. If Heer’s truth comes out tomorrow, she will not hurt her daughter as she is in our home.

They say it’s a payment and nothing else to keep the heir safe. Harak Singh my son… you are young and have some dreams, you were not thinking of Simran like you. Rohan says I never thought of this, but when I look at Heer’s smiling face I see nothing else. They look at Virat, they love my Kinnar sister, then I can love their sister too. Heer Simran accepts the baby and says that the child needs more love and good custody. She says Heer is small and cute, but her heart is too big. He says in front of her, all my desires and hopes are too small and that is why I accepted.

If I marry Simran I will not come home, I will go, but where to go, Nani said. I can go to my house, but it’s not my home, because it’s my family. They say I am not related by blood, but by heart. He tells me to stay here and bend on his knees. Prieto cries and holds hands. She says don’t cry, you’re right.

We have a blood relationship with Soham, but he killed that relationship and says you have proven that the heart connection is very important. Everyone asks to arrange for their son’s wedding. Harak Singh embraces Rohan and says that every parent gets such a son.

Bua Ji says that Heer went back a long way, but not yet back. She says she doesn’t know who she’s convincing? Parmeet says she doesn’t know who will marry Simran? Returning home with Virat, Heer says he is ready to marry Rohan Veer ji Simran. Virat Yes Ma, Rohan Veer Ji has agreed to get married even after knowing that our Simran’s Barat comes.

He goes to Simran and tells me that my sister is married and her child gets the father’s name. What do you think your father will let you go like this at the Saint Baksh Simran, and say that the house is well decorated, haldi, mehendi and music happen in a day. They say my daughter will go from here at a lavish wedding.

Bua Ji asks Simran to handle the new house well. Parmeet goes to Heer and says I have told you so much and you have done this great job to save the honor of our home and saved Simran’s life. She hugs her. Everyone laughs. Bua Ji looks up. Parmeet blesses Hermie to have a baby soon. Heer smiled happily. Seeing Virat shed tears.

Prieto thinks Rohan’s words that he will not bother Heer, thinking that their daughter is in our house. She thinks that if Simran is here, I will keep her as she keeps the Heer. Bua Ji wondered who would allow their son to marry an unmarried mother and could not digest this fact. She asks him to find her and thinks she should ask Shano. Parmeet asks if you’re thinking of something. Bua says Simran is very happy with her marriage and says that your daughter has made all the arrangements to ruin the honor. Parmeet says I do not understand the look on your face and it makes her giggle. She tells Gurvinder that the groom’s family comes in the morning and they all do things in one day. She asks to see the arrangements. Gurwinder says he sees all the arrangements. Parmeet gets emotional.

Look at the picture of Simran Arjun and say why you left me. They say I am crazy to love you and don’t know that I love someone else in my life. Heer is shocked to hear her. She meets Roh and hugs him. Rohan hugs her and asks what happened to you. Heer says that you agreed for my pleasure and that I am selfish and did not think of your ich. She says she’s sorry and I’m afraid, if Simran doesn’t accept you and neither you are happy. If she doesn’t give you love, she says you deserve it. She asks him to rethink and says I made a big mistake. Rohan says that everyone still does not make love marriage, and in arranging a marriage, love happens slowly, we get to know each other first. They tell me not to tense up because I am already nervous. Heer hugs him and says that I love you. Rohan says I love you too.

The next day, Parmeet brings Simran to the hall. Harak Singh and Prieto get there with the family. Saint Baksh and Parameet welcome them. Heer Harak Singh hugs him and tells him to come inside. They all come in and sit down. Heer makes Simran sit next to Rohan. Rohan feels that the truth of the Heer does not come before her Sasural.

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