Shares of this company have earned Rs 1 lakh in one year, from Rs 7 lakh in the quarter

Multibagger Shares 2021: How Can One Lakh Rupees 7 Lakhs In Just One Year? The answer to this question is very simple. If you know how to take risks and be patient, your money can double, triple or even multiply in one year. There are many such shares of 2021 that have given their shareholders more than 100 percent returns. However, if we look at the list of multibagger stocks in 2021, most stocks yield high returns. HFCL is one of such shares. The shares of this telecom company have given more than 500 per cent profit to its shareholders in the last one year. HFCL’s share price rose from ₹ 12.90 to .05 77.05 during the period (July 22, 2021 at 1:06 pm). That is, more than 500 percent revenue.

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HFCL stock price history

HFCL’s shares have fallen 2.52 per cent over the last five sessions, but have seen a 16-per-cent gain for investors over the past one month. Its price was ₹ 66.80 a month ago and is now up to .077.05. If we talk about the last six months, the shares of HFCL have gained 151%. In the six months it had risen from ರಿಂದ 30.85 to .05 77.05. Its price was Rs 12.90 a year ago.

Investors became such rich

  • If anyone had invested Rs 1 lakh in shares of HFCL a month ago, their money would now be Rs 1.16.
  • Similarly, if investors had invested Rs 1 lakh in HFCL shares 6 months ago, their money would now be ₹ 2.51 lakh.
  • And if someone had invested Rs 1 lakh in HFCL a year ago, their one lakh has now become Rs 6 lakh 78,000.

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