Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with the songs that begin. Babli dance. Vicki smiled at her. Vineet gets there and drinks. He looks at Bobli and goes to her. She stares at him. He asks her to dance more. He gets angry. Bhalla and Rama bless them. Chacha Ji had made good arrangements, Babli says, have you met Dolly and Shoki. Vineeth says I must speak something. He takes her away.

I think I should allow this to happen. Tear this acceptance letter from Cambridge so that you can give it a chance. D. He asks who do you love, me or a PhD? She says it’s not about love, you are tough. If I want my life partner to love me more, they say what’s wrong with it. He goes. Vineet angrily pulls Babli to the terrace. Anokhi is reading there. Vineet defeats her. Anokhi looks up and looks at her in shock.

You want your spouse to think like you and do what you want, you have never loved me, you have broken my heart, you will understand me some day when you love someone, I want that girl not to think like that, she still wins your heart, she has no suburbs There is no quality. Anokhi runs to Babli. She warns Vineeth. Shagun says you cannot live without twins. Babli asks Anokhi not to go between. Vineet says I will not leave you today. Anokhi stops him. Shagun then asks how you choose. Shaurya says I will call you for advice, okay. Shagun says I want your true love not on one side. Shaurya asks if this is a blessing or a curse. Shagun leaves.

Anokhi says you don’t know how to respect your wife, Babli loved to dance since childhood. Vineet asks Babli to dance in the market to get money. She says I will call the police. Bhalla and Rama come. Anokhi says she was hitting Babli. Vineet says I am done, I am going. Bhalla stops him. Vineet complains about Babli and Anokhi. Raja comes and asks what happened, do not be angry, we go and talk.

Anokhi says you have endured this type of family violence since your marriage, why didn’t you tell mummy. Rama says I knew it. Anokhi asks why you didn’t stop this. Rama asks what I can do. Anokhi says Mum can never stop fighting for her daughter. She hugs Bobly. Cried Rama.

Shaurya remembers Shaun’s words. He is troubled. Anokhi gets pills for Babli. They say you are doing the right thing using pills, what is the benefit of getting a new life when you are not having a good relationship with your husband, we have to decide our life. Babli says no, men have the right to decide. Anokhi you gave them the right, Canada family rejects me, says I will not leave my studies. Back at Dolly and Shockie’s wedding, everyone watches the wedding rounds. Lali asks Khanna to marry Monty and Anokhi. Anokhi receives a message from Sabarwal. The king sees it and has good news, sweets, and says whether Dad knows it. Anokhi says yes, can you send me money, I have to pay the fee. They say no, I can’t do anything. She insists. They say, well, you always do an emotional blackmail. Rama and BG give Anoki sweets. Rama says your marriage id has been corrected, the Canada family has agreed, they will take you to Canada.

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