Shiomi: The phone is fully charged in 8 minutes, the 200W hypercharge technology is completely secure

Shiomi is constantly innovating in the field of mobile charging technology. In this issue, the company released hypercharge technology for its premium smartphones a few weeks ago. It offers 200W Wired and 120W Wireless Fast Charging. The company has now answered some important questions that arise in the minds of users regarding this technology. For this, the company invited some of its users, who asked Shiomi engineers about hypercharge technology. One of these questions is about the security of smartphones equipped with this technology.

80% battery life lasts even after 800 times charge
Asked about the security of smartphones, the company confirmed that the technology is completely secure and has been commercialized after a lot of research and development. More than 40 safety and security measures have been taken for the new charging technology, the company said. When asked about the phone’s battery life and the impact of the 200W charging technology on the device, Shiomi said the phone’s battery life lasts up to 80 percent even after charging 800 times and is the industry standard. .

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The phone is fully charged in 8 minutes
While unveiling the hypercharge fast charging technology, the company showed how, with the help of this technology, a smartphone with a 4000mAh battery can get 50 percent in just three minutes and full charge in 8 minutes. Similarly, a 120W wireless charging 4000mAh battery can charge up to 10 percent in one minute and 50 percent in seven minutes. At the same time, the battery took 15 minutes to fully charge with 120W wireless charging.

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The new flagship phones of the Mi series are accessible
Shiomi is said to be the successor to its 80W wireless charging company, 120W Hyper Wireless Charging, which was launched in October last year. Shiomi’s 80W wireless charging takes 4 minutes to fully charge the 4000mAh battery. It will be really interesting to see what upcoming devices the company introduces this charging technology. The company is expected to offer hypercharge technology on the new flagship device of its Mi series.

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