Speaking of Sushil Modi, I am not in the government of Bihar, but I have a spirit, those who have left the BJP can never live in peace.

Former deputy chief minister and senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi said on Sunday that our party is like one-way traffic. Here you can come but not back. Those who have left the BJP will never live in peace. “I am not part of the government of Bihar, but my spirit resides in the BJP-JDU government of the present state,” Modi said. Modi himself has said these things. Somewhere on the 63rd birthday of Dr. Suraj Nandan Kushwaha.

I want to declare that no one can shake this government, ”said the former deputy CM. There will be no midterm elections. The government will be in place for five years. Not a single booth has been repurchased in this election, which is a sign of change in the past 15 years, Modi said. He said 1668 booths were re-voted in Bihar in the 1995 elections. He said that between 1990 and 2004 in Bihar, nine elections were held for the Lok Sabha, the assembly and the panchayat. 641 people have died in these elections.

Sushil Modi said the desperate opposition was crumbling. Sometimes on EVMs and sometimes on postal ballots. RJD state president Jagada Babu’s son said it would be dishonest to win the Ramgarh seat by 189 votes.

Sushil Modi has done a fantastic job as Deputy CM: JDU
State JDU congratulated President and Rajya Sabha MP Basitha Narayan Singh for his decision to send former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi to the Rajya Sabha. Also, it is said that the opposition will give the candidates the choice but to go after the election. Sushil Modi said he was a qualified and experienced politician. They do a great job wherever they live. His experience will be further exploited when sent to the Rajya Sabha. Sushil Modi has done a good job in Bihar as Deputy Chief Minister, JDU president said. They have a good understanding of financial matters. His contribution to the GST Council is memorable. He has set an example in fulfilling the responsibilities of the Deputy Chief Minister in the coordination and coordination of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, which will be long remembered