Sports events not to be missed in 2022

The pandemic has been especially hard on the sporting industry and almost ground the world of professional sports to a halt, with fans being kept away from sports stadiums and athletes playing in empty stadiums. Not to mention all the events that got canceled and postponed. 

However, 2022 is brimming with major sporting events, unlike the previous years. 2022 is a big year for ardent sports fans, from World Cup to Winter Olympics; there’s a lot to look forward to.

Knowing the schedule of all significant events to take place in the year 2022 can help you keep up with all the professional games you are passionate about. And 2022 doesn’t disappoint as there are many great events scheduled for sports fans from all walks of life. And, of course, sports like soccer, cricket, athletics, and winter sports will undoubtedly be the year’s highlights.

Today we bring you a list of all the major sporting events in 2022 that any sports enthusiast wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

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Continue reading to find out the must-watch events you should add to your sports calendar 2022.

International sports events you would not want to miss in the second half of 2022

  1. Formula 1 Grand Prix 

The Grand Prix is the most prestigious annual racing event that spans 23 races in 23 countries across the world. The 73rd edition of the Grand Prix started back in March 2022 and is expected to end in November 2022. The competition intensifies the closer the players get to the final battle. Plus, the speculation about the final title holder is at its peak as the race participants head to the next location in Hungary on July 31st.

Other locations include Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Japan, the U.S, Mexico, and Brazil, with the final Grand Prix taking place in Abu Dhabi on November 20th. You can live stream the races from the comfort of your home from any streaming service, including Amazon Prime, FuboTV, and Formula One’s very own F1TV.  

  1. Women’s Rugby World Cup

The Women’s rugby world cup will take place in New Zealand, which is also a five-time champion of the world cup. The ninth championship is the first one to be hosted in the southern hemisphere and will run from October 12th to November 19th. Twelve teams will compete for the champions trophy, and the competition will last for 43 days with five gap days for players to rest and enjoy.

  1. FIFA

FIFA is undoubtedly the most anticipated sports tournament of the year, and for the first time in history, an Arab nation gets to host the event. The action-packed football championship will kick off from November 21st to December 18th throughout Qatar at eight venues in the small Gulf emirate. It normally takes place every fourth year in the month of June. However, the extraordinarily high summer temperatures in Qatar pushed it to the winter months. Plus, it’s the first big soccer event after the 2018 championship in France and nine.

Don’t forget to tune in live to watch thirty-two teams from around the world battle for the final trophy. Participants of the FIFA World Cup include teams from Germany, Croatia, Argentina, Spain, England, The Netherlands, Qatar, France, Serbia, Denmark, Switzerland, and Serbia.

  1. The Islamic Solidarity Games

The ISG is scheduled to take place in august in Turkey. The competition is mainly open to athletes from nations who are members of the Islamic Cooperation Organization. However, athletes from non-Muslim countries can also choose to participate freely. It was first hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, since its inception in 2005, the competition has continued to evolve and now includes a total of 18 competitive sports, including soccer, basketball, and water sports. The women’s equivalent of the ISG is the Women’s Islamic Games. The competition was designed to foster greater Islamic unity among the member countries and to raise awareness of non-discriminatory values. Egypt, to date, holds 128 medals to its name and continues to be a strong contender for the title.


These are some of the most awaited sporting events in the second half of the year 2022. The upcoming games will surely present interesting game dynamics and introduce thrilling rivalries, along with many new names making history. Don’t forget to tune in live to watch your favorite teams battle for the top spot right from your mobile or tablet screen. If you ever face a content block, be sure to install a reliable VPN to unblock websites and stream content with a simple tap.

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