Stay fit and fine, the right way: TV stars’ fitness mantra – tv

Television actors who are fitness enthusiasts in real life share the secret behind their super health. They insist that everyone take the natural road to be Hale and hearty. Read More:

Iqbal Khan

Fitness regime: I make sure to eat properly and my als are distributed at equal intervals throughout the day. I workout six days a week and don’t do too much cardio, battle ropes and all, people get mad. What I follow is a simple and healthy exercise that will make me fit and fit. I mostly eat what I like but in small ions.

Cheat days: I have a sweet tooth and my daughter Amma also loves what is sweet. And in those days I could have sugar if nothing else was available. But then again it’s not healthy so we have chocolate quoted dates at home for those cravings

Key Advice: Please do not follow any star to become fit, learn from them. Sometimes they need to take water pills to look perfect before filming. So it’s important to follow your body. 80 percent are in your kitchen and 20 percent in the gym, so check your diet.

Sayantani Ghosh

Fitness regime: I believe in holistic fitness. Looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside will make you shine happily. But, there are no shortcuts to it; It is always a work in progress. I enjoy weight training and combine it with a little heart. It is important for a woman to work on building her strength. Considering our odd working hours, maintaining good food and eating properly on time is a task. I prefer home cooked food.

Cheat days: Which means a lot of chocolates and chat these days.

Key Advice: Stability matters. Fitness should be a lifestyle choice. It is an umbrella covering the body, mind, skin and hair, so it is important to take care of them.

Sid Mucker

Fitness regime: Fitness has this mind-body-soul approach. Running and swimming are two things that help me stay healthy. Running is as easy as it can be done anywhere and swimming is relaxing, which has a calming effect on me. I turned vegan two years ago. I go easy on carbs and eat small meals every 3 to 4 hours. Fortunately, I don’t have a sweet tooth and I don’t take supplements.

Cheat days: Samosas, Sev Puris and Parantas

Key Advice: Never use hardcore supplements. It does more harm than good.

Aishwarya Sakhuja

Fitness regime: Swimming is my favorite exercise. I found it therapeutic. I do not believe in showing muscles or abs, eating properly and treating my body as a temple. I like to go for a run or walk outdoors. I’m a vegan. I don’t eat processed flour regularly, I eat whole grains.

Cheat days: I like Chinese more and love to do it once a month. I go to a nearby restaurant where I eat colored and oily Hakka noodles and I love it!

Key Advice: Eating right is essential and yes, a workout does not mean going to the gym, it can be any outdoor activity. A good run or walk also helps.

Mohit Malik

Fitness regime: I believe in practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis and maintaining a healthy diet, including vitamins, carbohydrates, etc. Exercise, yoga, meditation and healthy eating keep me on the same side. I follow intermittent fasting and even a rainbow diet consisting of fruits and vegetables of various colors. I avoid fried foods, sugar and trans fats.

Cheat days: My only cheat day is to drink wine twice a week along with desserts made with jaggery, dates, palm sugar or stevia.

Key Advice: Human bodies are meant to move and exercise. Therefore, we should exercise and meditate regularly. Also, eating healthy and hydrating yourself is essential.

Jasmine Bhasin

Fitness regime: I work at least 45 minutes, five to six days a week. I mix and match my workouts. I eat everything in moderation. I enjoy kickboxing because it is an aggressive form of exercise. I don’t follow any diet, I avoid sugar. I have a sweet tooth so I need a dessert, but I try to control my urge.

Cheat days: I love pizza… the ideal cheater day is a glass of wine, butter chicken or dessert.

Key Advice: Eat healthy, eat organic. Try to work four days a week. Don’t rely on any of these favored foods; If you follow them you will torture your body, which is not okay. I don’t believe in taking proteins. Eat healthy, eat organic and natural, work and you will be fine.

Shashank Vyas

Fitness regime: I go to the gym regularly and take care of my food. I eat less carbs and eat home-cooked healthy foods in less oil and ghee. I have upma or poha for breakfast, lunch towu roti-sabzi and try to make my dinner by 8pm. Fitness is a combination of diet and exercise. I am mentally and emotionally happy, which is a very important part of fitness. I do cardio and abs.

Cheat days: I love to eat chocolate and love to have lassi. I also like dal, rice and ghee with green chillies.

Key Advice: Eat everything healthy. You can reduce the amount of foods that contain fat. However, giving up food items is not the solution. White rice should be eaten because it is easily digested. My fitness inspiration is Hrithik Roshan.

MOhsin Khan

Fitness regime: A heavy breakfast at the same time does not make it fun and boring. My workout involves a lot of running and cycling. Excellent for mini als. I prefer a protein bar, muesli and salad. I try to take less caffeine. Diet plans only work if you work and do cardio with them. I have my original dumbbells and pull-up rod at home so it helps. We also have some dumbbells and resistance bands on the set, which I use most often. I want to do an indoor workout. I also enjoy playing cricket and football.

Cheat days: I can’t resist chocolates. I should have at least one small piece of it a day. It is very addictive. My great-grandfather also had a sweet tooth, so it was kind of a run in the family.

Key Advice: Drink plenty of water. Mental health is just as important so meditation and yoga can help. Be happy, keep laughing, it works wonders.

Shantanu is Maheshwari

Fitness regime: Currently, I am focusing on breathing techniques, because it helps me test my physical and mental ability … I believe it is constantly challenging me to find new ways of training with the right techniques. If not, I like weight training. I try to understand how my body responds to the food I eat and therefore try to eat healthy.

Cheat days: I eat whatever I want and then burn it.

Key Advice: If the motivation to stay fit doesn’t come from within, you won’t be able to achieve what you desire. Make short-term goals that are not only achievable but push you hard. We should enjoy the process of becoming fit, rather than focusing on it.

Saurabh Raj Jain

Fitness regime: Eat healthy and eat light. I do a lot of chest workout. I also mix my exercise regimen. I eat healthy and on time. I follow a high protein diet as suggested by sports nutritionists and that has helped me a lot.

Cheat days: Eating pizza and sweets to my heart’s content.

Key Advice: In a healthy and healthy way. Taking an unhealthy path can help you reach your goal quickly, but it’s not permanent.