Strom R3: Book an inexpensive electric car for just Rs 10,000, cover 200 km and save Rs 3 lakh every year

Strom R3 Electric Car: Another new player is about to enter the electric vehicle segment in the Indian market. Mumbai-based start-up company Strom Motors has launched pre-booking of its mini electric car Strom R3. To book this car, you have to pay a booking amount of Rs 10,000. It is said to be the cheapest electric car in the country.

In fact, the Strom R3 is a two-door and two-wheeled car. It has one wheel at the back and two wheels at the front. This car is specially designed for cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The company adorns it with LED lights, dual tone and sunroof with a muscular look.

Shape: As for the size of this car, the car is given a length of 2,907mm, width 1,405mm, height 1,572mm and 185mm ground clearance. The total weight of this car is just 550kg, and 13-inch steel wheels are used on it. This car is quite attractive to look at.

Battery and driving range: On the Strom R3, the company used a 13 kW high-efficiency motor. It produces 48 Nm of torque. In addition, a fast charger will also be provided, which will help the car charge up to 80 percent in just 2 hours. This car takes about 3 hours to become fully charged. It can be charged with a normal 15 ampere domestic socket.

Strom R3 Electric Car

The company claims that the Strom R3 delivers a driving range of up to 200 kilometers on a single charge. This car is only 40 paise per kilometer. The car will be offered in three variants, offering different driving ranges. This includes a driving range of 120 km, 160 km and 200 km. The car is available in four colors, including electric blue, neon blue, red and black.

Features: This car may be small to look at, but the company is incorporating good features into it. The car features a 12-way adjustable driving seat, 4.3-inch digital instrument console, climate control, remote keyless entry, 7-inch vertical touchscreen infotainment system, IoT enabled continuous monitoring, 4G connectivity, voice control.

There will be savings of Rs 3 lakh: According to information posted on the company’s official website, the cost of the car’s ride is very economical. The Strom R3 electric car delivers 400% more efficiency than a normal car. The company claims that its maintenance will be reduced by 80% compared to its regular car. At the same time, after 3 years of driving, you can save Rs 3 lakh from this car.

What’s the price: However, before launch, it is too early to say anything about the price of this car. However, the company could launch the car at a starting price of Rs 4.5 lakh, according to media reports. In this sense, it is going to be the cheapest electric car in the country. The moment the company launches its booking, it is expected to be on the market soon.