Study: 1 cold drink reduces 12 minutes of life, nuts increase 26 minutes

Your health depends entirely on your diet and lifestyle. A new study from the University of Michigan has revealed how making small changes to diet can lead to better health and longevity. The study was published in the journal Nature Food. There are many foods that are said to reduce our age, but such foods are good for our health. In the study, over 5800 foods eaten in the US were ranked based on health and environmental impact.

Jelly sandwich is beneficial

In this list, processed meats and sugary drinks are described as bad for health. According to a News4SA report, the journal’s authors wrote that eating a hot dog can reduce your life span by 36 healthy minutes, but if you eat a serving of nuts, it can increase your life span by up to 26 minutes. Drinking a can of soda reduces the lifespan by 12 minutes, while the peanut butter and jelly sandwich increases it to 33 minutes.

Add the seeds to the diet

Research has revealed that changing 10 percent of what we eat every day can add 48 healthy minutes to life. The study revealed that the most negative health and environmental foods were highly processed meat, beef, shrimp, pork, lamb and green home-grown vegetables. At the same time, the most nutritious food is the vegetables, fruits, peas, nuts, etc. grown in the fields.

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