The 5 Most Popular Sports in India

India is a huge country with various interests and hobbies. With a population of over 1.3 billion people, one of the most unifying factors which have brought this large number of people together is sports. However, in terms of popularity and fanbase, some sports rival the others while others struggle to get past the basic traction.

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Popular Sports in India

So which sport is the most popular in India and why? Worry no longer! This article is here to answer your many questions.

  1. Cricket

The love Indians have for cricket cannot be overemphasized. Undoubtedly, the sport can be referred to as the country’s most popular. You won’t be wrong if you call it the country’s religion due to the passion and fanbase it produces.

While other sports can rival attention in other countries, it’d be safe to say that India owns cricket. There have been several explanations for the sport’s continued appeal. One is the country’s performance in the game, which significantly impacts the country’s popularity.

From the 1983 World Cup to the 2013 Champions Trophy, India has constantly stood out in cricket, contending for the highest reward of the game. Aside from these, cricket players amass massive endorsement deals, which contribute to their popularity and invariably that of their country.

Given the steady influx of talent with each generation, it’s safe to say that the sport will be India’s famous sport for the foreseeable future.

  1. Field Hockey

This is one of India’s national sports and has frequently been played professionally across the country. For years unending, India has accrued countless medals, including the eight Olympic Gold medals.

Unfortunately, field hockey has reduced in popularity in recent years. One of the stumbling blocks to its popularity included the installation of an artificial playing surface which posed a challenge to Indians who were used to playing on grass surfaces.

However, it seems to be on the revival, and like many other sports, the country has its Hockey league based on the IPL.

  1. Football

While it’s the most popular sport worldwide, it is the third most popular in India. Just like cricket, football is well loved by Indians, and you’d find it frequently aired on TV, whether they are local or international football games.

The Premier League is one of India’s most popular sports leagues. Many famous European clubs, such as Arsenal, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Chelsea, have specialized fan clubs that help promote football culture throughout India.

By towing in the steps of European clubs, India also founded its own league, the India Soccer League. During its debut in 2014, the competition accrued over 150millions viewers. Unfortunately, the country hasn’t properly positioned itself for football attention. However, it’s had the honor of hosting other teams from other countries.

  1. Badminton

Although this sport is popular in the country, it has had less success on the international scene. In 2012, Saina Nehwal won a bronze medal at the London Olympics, cementing her name in history. This was after she had distinguished herself in numerous competitions.

Her younger rival, PV Sindhu, picked up the baton and overshadowed Nehwal’s feat, winning a silver medal four years later. Other players who have brought the country honor through Badminton include Ashwini Ponnappa, Srikant, Prakash Padukone, and Pulella Gopichand.

The Badminton Association Of India manages the game in response to the badminton stars on the international scene.

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  1. Tennis

Tennis has a huge fanbase in India. Though many successes in single tournaments haven’t been seen or heard in a long time, India has had a long history of producing excellent double players.

For example, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi have won a lot of Grand Slam doubles together. However, there’s evidence of an overreliance on the duo, and with the pair hoping to retire anytime soon, there seems to be a chasm in Indian tennis.

The sport also has its league in the country, the International Premier Tennis League, which consists of four teams from four countries: the Singapore Slammers, Indian Aces, Japan Warriors, and UAE Royals. The Singapore Slammers could be the league’s most successful team, having won the championship two times.

The Grand Slams have never taken place in India. However, there’s enough room for improvement and plenty to offer regarding the game of tennis in India.


Above are just a few of the sports Indians like to watch and play. Many Indians adore sports, and any chance or opportunity to participate is usually embraced.

While it’s believed that cricket takes preeminence in the sporting scene of India, it’s reported that others have come close a few times.

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