The death of a paramotor – the captain of a shipwreck that crashed into the sea

– Officer who died without an ambulance

Thursday: Ravindranath Tagore of Karawara crashed into the sea as the para motor crashed into the air while flying. One of the ship’s captains has died.

Capt. Madhusudhan Reddy of Andhra Pradesh based naval base, who was traveling in a para motor with a guide, has died. He was taken to the hospital after the incident, where he died without treatment. The parachute thread on the top of the glider was torn off if the paramotor was flying.

The nylon threads were wrapped around the engine and the pilot’s body as the wind increased when the thread was torn and they both fell into the water with glider. At this point the guide Captain Vidyadhar escaped unharmed and the captain of the Andhra Pradesh Navy, Madhusudan Reddy, was seriously injured. He was later admitted to Government Hospital in Karawara. However, he died without any treatment.

An ambulance that was not in place
At least half an hour after the incident, no ambulance arrived. Both were transported to the hospital in the jeep of PSI Santosh of the city station as there was no district hospital in Marudura but no ambulance. However, Captain Vidyadhar has escaped from the paramedic and Captain Madhusudhan Reddy has died.

A case has been registered at the city police station in connection with the incident.


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