The government exempted IGST on donations of imported Kovid-19 relief materials

The government on Monday announced exemption from the Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) for imported Kovid-related relief goods received in the form of donations for the country or at no cost. The government has exempted IGST for importing, donating or receiving Kovid-19 relief materials from many charitable organizations, corporate entities and other organizations / entities outside India for free distribution in the country, the Finance Ministry said in a statement.

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According to the statement, “Accordingly, the central government has approved exemption from the IGST for importation of kovid relief products for free delivery in the country. The exemption will remain in effect till June 30.” The government has already approved Remedicivir injection and the main chemicals used in it (API), Chicista has announced exemption from customs duty on the import of goods such as oxygen, oxygen concentrator, cryogenic transport tank and covid vaccine

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The IGST exemption for the free distribution of relief materials depends on the approval of the Nodal Authority, the authorized entity, the relief agency or the statutory body appointed by the State Governments. The decision comes amid a growing number of cases of corona infection in the country. According to the Ministry of Health, 3.68 lakh cases of Covidia infection were reported on Monday and 3,417 people died. Last week, the daily number of infections increased by more than 4 lakhs.