The Modi government is allowing 15 lakh rupees to sit at home

If you want to sit at home and earn 15 lakh rupees, this is a great opportunity for you. Taking advantage of the Modi government initiative, any person can become a millionaire by August 15. Tell us what is the scheme and how can a person sit at home and earn 15 lakhs by taking advantage of it.

In the Budget for 2021-22, the central government talked about creating a Development Finance Institute (DFI) to fund infrastructure. The central government has promised to invest Rs 111 lakh crore in 7000 different projects by 2024-25 under the national infrastructure pipeline. According to the information provided on, these projects require a large amount of money to be completed in a timely manner. Under this scheme, any person will get Rs 15 lakh till August 15. You should be thinking about completing these projects by 2024-25, then how can a person earn 15 lakhs by August 15th.

The bank has made these changes to make online banking safer for SBI customers.

This work needs to be done to earn 15 lakhs

The Department of Financial Services and the Ministry of Finance will reward those who designed the company’s name, tagline and logo. But keep in mind that the name, logo and tag line must be consistent with the work of the organization.

How to register

You must be logged in to to participate. You must click on its participation option. After providing your information, you will need to submit your entry. The deadline for registration and submission of entries is August 15th.

Those who are waiting for the next installment of PM Kisan should check the status, if it is written somewhere, the 9th installment will not be available

Prize money

All three are different categories. That is why the prize money is different from the three.

In the care of the name– 1st place – 5 lakhs, 2nd place – 3 lakhs, 3rd place – 2 lakhs

For the tagline– 1st place – 5 lakhs, 2nd place – 3 lakhs, 3rd place – 2 lakhs

For the logo – 1st place – 5 lakhs, 2nd place – 3 lakhs and 3rd place – 2 lakhs

The new income tax portal is slow, but the data analytics system is sending a notice

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