The police who gave kalaki hope to the people of the sea!

– 1.49 crores worth of items returned to owners

Mangalore: They were in miserable loss of material things. Those things are no more. But the Mangalore police have now masked all their sadness. They made a quick operation and made everyone laugh.

Yes. Police in Mangalore have returned the items to the custodians of the robbery and robbery case over the past one year. Police have handed over their belongings to those who lost their cash and cash in the cases that took place at Mangalore Commissionerate.

Dhanyatha’s expression on the faces of people who lost jewelery, vehicles and cash at the Mangalore police parade ground. His belongings were returned to the accused under the leadership of Mangalore City Police Commissioner Vikas Kumar.

The police carried out a rapid operation and returned the stolen items during the year. A total of Rs 9.05 crore worth of items were stolen this year, of which 5.37 crore were seized. Of this, 1.49 crore worth of items have been given to the owners. A total of 2,277 kg of gold, 25 two-wheelers, 19 mobile and 48.13 lakh cash have been issued to the beneficiaries, Mangalore City Police Commissioner Vikas Kumar said.

The occupants were happy that their belongings were finally available to us. Police thanked those who lost items in the accident. Together, the super cops of Mangalore are brave and brave again. The promise of khaki to the seaside town has been further strengthened.


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