The slight improvement in Delhi’s air quality is still intact in the ‘bad’ category

Due to favorable wind speeds, Delhi’s air quality improved in part on Saturday, but still remains in the ‘poor’ category. Government agencies said the air quality index (AQI) would be further improved in the daytime and expected to fall into the ‘middle’ category.

Delhi’s AQI was 263 at 9am on Saturday morning, while the average 24-hour AQI of 296 was recorded on Friday. Similarly, Delhi’s AQI was 283 and 211 last Saturday and Wednesday respectively.

The Delhi-based central government’s air quality forecasting system said on Saturday that Delhi-NCR’s air quality will improve further and is expected to join the ‘middle’ segment. Accordingly, the direction of the wind on the surface was northwest and its maximum speed was 20 kilometers per hour on Saturday.

The AQI is expected to fall between Tuesday and Friday due to adverse weather conditions and is expected to fall into the ‘very poor’ category, the central agency said.

Nearly 800 fire-related incidents were reported on Friday in Punjab and Haryana on the border with Pakistan, the central agency said.

According to the Air Quality Monitoring Application ‘Earth’ of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Parali’s PM-2.5 share in Delhi air is 15 percent.

Air quality index between zero to 50 is ‘good’, between 51 and 100 is satisfactory, 101 to 200 is ‘moderate’, 201 to 300 is ‘bad’, 301 to 400 is ‘very poor’ and the air quality index between 401 and 500 is ‘extreme’ ‘Considered in the section.

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