The smartest gadgets to buy in 2023

With a brand new year comes a whole new load of top gadgets to get your hands on. Technology has been accelerating at a rapid pace for the last decade and it shows no signs of stopping now. There’s always something new out there that’s going to make everything in your life a lot simpler and smarter. Let’s check out the top gadgets to buy in 2023. 

Top gadgets to buy this year

  • Google Pixel 7 Pro 

Of course, we’ve got to kick it off with a new phone. What better way to play at an online casino such as 777 Casino than on the best new phone on the market? The Google Pixel 7 Pro boats a 6.7 inch screen with a display of 1440*3120 pixels which means you can see everything crystal clear. 

The camera is one of the best on the market with all the bells and whistles to make your photography look like it was done by the professionals. There’s great zoom and stabilization which means that your photos will come out crystal clear even on the bumpiest of rides. 

  • Philips 3-in-1 Air Purifier, Fan & Heater

Having a fan and heater rolled into one device is one step in the right direction – but what if you could add in an air purifier as well? With the new Phillips 3-in-1, you can have all of these devices in one!

There’s no need to try and find cupboard space for each device in different weather conditions. Nor do you need to find somewhere to put it when it’s out. This device is sleekly designed to fit into your home so that you will barely even notice it’s there. The only difference will be in that all important air quality. 

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  • Sky Glass

Just when you thought that there couldn’t be any more development in the TV world, Sky come along with the new Sky Glass. This 4K QLED TV is done via subscription so there’s no need to buy the screen outright.

You can choose what kind of contract you’d like along with any added streaming services you’d like to add on as well. You can’t record shows as you can on a traditional Sky TV but given the range of streaming options available, you don’t really need to. 

This is a great way to upgrade your TV experience without having to fork out a fortune to do so. 

  • Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

If you’re looking some affordable over ear headphones, then these are the pair for you. Headphones are essential for your daily commute as well as being a necessity if you’re an avid gamer at home. 

They’re perfectly comfortable and their battery life means you won’t be reaching for the charger in frustration every couple of hours. The perfect headphones for all your needs. 

  • Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Getting the right amount of sleep can be a struggle. And making sure you get enough of it can be a challenge in itself. If you’re someone who has insomnia come knocking every night of the week, you’d be smart to invest in this Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Meditation is a great way to get your mind to shut off for sleep but it doesn’t work for everyone. The Dodow Sleep Aid Device projects a light onto your ceiling at regular intervals that you match with your breathing. This technique is simple yet effective at helping you calm your mind down enough to get a good night’s sleep. 

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  • Ring Car Cam 

Keeping your house safe is of the utmost importance but what about your car? Next to your home, it’s one of the most expensive purchases you can make. Using the Ring Car Cam, you can make sure that your vehicle is as safe as your home. 

It records any activity when your car is in motion which is great if you end up in any kind of accident or altercation on the road. It also senses any activity around your car when it’s parked to ensure nothing gets broken into. 

  • Sage Barista Express Impress

Nothing tastes as good as a barista made coffee, so why wouldn’t you want to make one in your own home? There’s no need to go out into whatever the weather holds for you outside, simply pick the right grind for your beans and watch the magic happen.

If you’ve got the green smiley face from the machine then you’re good to go but if not, you can always just try again. 

The world of tech is always improving and this year is no exception. These new gadgets on the market will make your life easier and a lot more hassle free. Which one have you got at the top of your wish list? 

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