Privacy is the key for the Smartphones

Your HONOR 90 smartphone’s Lock Screen is a crucial security feature since it prevents unauthorised users from accessing your personal information, such as your social networking accounts, banking applications, and any other data you may have stored online.

However, those who manage to get past your lock screen should be confronted with a second line of protection, so you may wish to put one in place. It makes no difference if a trustworthy friend or member of your family is using your phone or if a more sinister person has learned how to get beyond the security restrictions.

Proper Privacy Comes with Advanced Range of Phone Security

In this situation, a secure folder could prevent unauthorised people from seeing your most sensitive documents by needing additional authentication. A recognised fingerprint or a personal identification number (PIN) might be used for this verification.

Your HONOR 90 smartphone functions much like a little safe when it comes to protecting sensitive information like images, videos, and texts. However, it could be difficult to conceal these elements, particularly if many people are using your phone at once.

Using a password-protected folder is one technique to safeguard your data. On a PC, this is feasible, but it is not a choice while using a mobile device. To assist you safeguard your data, you might utilise a software called Privacy app.

From this URL, you may download Privacy app and set it up

Start by downloading the Privacy app app by looking for it in the Android market on your phone. You’ll be prompted to establish a 4-digit PIN when the setup is finished. You must enter your PIN twice after the first time to confirm it before clicking the “OK” button.

A page where you may store a pin reminder for later usage will then be provided to you will then appear. You may choose “No, Thanks” to skip this step and go on to creating an email reminder.

Using Privacy app to Keep Your Photos and Videos Safe

As soon as you’ve finished installing Privacy app, you may use it to safeguard your digital pictures and movies. On your HONOR 90 mobile device, open the media library, choose the picture or video you want to share, and then click the ‘Share’ option. Choose “Keep safe” from the list of available alternatives that appears. Any material you save in your Privacy app vault going forwards, including images and videos, will be encrypted and secured by a PIN of your choosing.

How to Restore Visibility to Your Pictures and Videos

Open Privacy app Gallery, go to the media file you wish to expose, and then choose “unhide” from the drop-down menu after pressing down on it until a menu appears. Now that you can see your pictures and videos again. After you finish this step, it’s possible that your image or video won’t appear in your public gallery straight away. Rebooting your Android smartphone will allow it to refresh the gallery if this occurs.


In the HONOR 90 price low purchase, the right privacy app is still a very useful programme even if there may be alternative solutions to protect the data on your Android smartphone. You can relax knowing that nobody else will unintentionally access your confidential information.

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