The woman spent Rs 44 lakh and underwent surgery, she said.

Who doesn’t want to look fit, but Brazilian-born Tracy Kiss has undergone surgery several times to improve her appearance. Lone mother Tracy, 33, has undergone 4 boob jobs, nose surgery once and twice eye surgery. Not only that, Vagina also had surgery once. According to Tracy Kiss, from design vagina to other surgeries, she has spent over 50 thousand pounds, about Rs 45 lakh. Not only that, women tease her and say I steal their husbands from them. Tracy, who underwent several surgeries in the past 15 years, first got the boob job in 2006.

Tracy says that women accuse me of being a porn star, a Barbie doll and a bad mother. Many women feel that I am after their men. But if people look at me, what’s wrong with me? I have made every effort to improve my presence. In addition, many surgeries are performed for medical reasons only. Tracy told ‘The Sun’ that when I went to school with my children Millie and Gabriel, women would start judging me. Tracy said that sometimes women start to abuse me. Many times I feel like crying.

After all, that’s why people irritate me by looking good. Tracy had her first surgery in her teens when she felt her body wasn’t looking too good. People used to consider me very ugly during school. In such a situation, at age 18, I decided to get a boob job for the first time. Tracy, who lives in Buckinghamshire, UK, says she had a lot of problems following the surgery and that she had to undergo surgery once again. In this way, they have to perform surgery and vaginal surgery many times for Rs 45 lakh.