There is an amazing trick in WhatsApp, it is very easy to find a new address or track someone.

Instant messaging of WhatsApp is an important part of everyone’s life today. This is the reason why people now spend hours on WhatsApp. But despite this, many people are not aware of the many features in WhatsApp. Today we will tell you about such unknown feature. With this feature, you can easily find any new address. Using this feature, you can send any of your places to your friends or family members. This feature is also great for women’s safety. You can also use this feature for your own safety. Let us tell you how to use this feature:

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Follow this method to share space
1. For this, first open your WhatsApp.
2. Now go to the chat option.
3. Now select the name of the person you want to send your location to and open your chat from it.
4. In WhatsApp Chat here, click on ‘+’ or the clip icon will appear at the bottom.
5. Now select the location option here.
6. You will see two options here: Send your current location and share a live location, you can send any option of your choice.
7. After selecting the location, click Send.

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Keep this important thing in mind when sharing space
If you are sending your current location to someone on WhatsApp, this is where you are currently. But if you send your live location, it will be your location and this location will change as you move. No direct location is assigned, but the current location is assigned. On the other hand, by clicking on the live location, you can see whether you want to send a live location for 15 minutes or an hour or 8 hours. Choose and send time according to your need. If you want to turn off live space sharing, then you have to go to the Live Location Share and hit the Stop button.

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