There is no pressure to steal a smartphone or a car, Google can help you find lost items

Smartphones and cars are the most stolen goods of today. To make both of these things safer and prevent theft, tech company Google is soon bringing a new feature. Google is gearing up to add new features to its “Find My Device” ecosystem. 9to5 According to Google’s report, Google is working on a feature that helps track the lost Android smartphone using another Android phone. Also, cars that come with the new Android Auto Infotainment System can help detect if theft. Let us tell you all about this service:

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Phone and car tracking can be done without the internet
The 9D5 Google report states that another new feature has been added under the Find My Device feature, which allows you to share ownership of your device with someone else. With this new feature, you can track your lost phone even if there is no internet connection. Google’s new Android Auto Infotainment System brings you the ability to login with a Google Account. This will help you track if your lost object is stolen. This feature of tracking cars is not just limited to the safety of your vehicle. This will prevent unauthorized access to your Google Account. The report claims that Google is working on these features and there is no time limit for when these features will be released.

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The new feature works like this
Recent media reports suggest that Google is working on Apple’s ‘Find My’ network. In Find My App, you must sign in with the same Apple ID as your phone’s Apple ID. This will help it track Apple Air Track if it loses its Apple device. According to the XDA Developers Report, the new version of the Google Play Services app 21.24.13 contains some code – “mdm_find_device_network_description ” and “mdm_find_device_network_title” – that indicates it is trying to track Android devices. It’s working on a new feature. The report says that this feature helps you find another phone with one phone. Google has not yet officially revealed the new feature and how it will differ from the existing Android feature find my device service.

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